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Microsoft auto updates IE6 and IE7; promotes IE10

Sunday, August 19th, 2012

Internet Explorer 6 is more than 10 year old but many people still uses it even today. IEs4Linux itself was born 8 years ago to help people test their websites on IE, the most used browser at that time.

But a lot happened since all this. Microsoft woke up and started to make better browsers. IE8 was a big upgrade to IE6 and IE7 (both crap), and IE9 is a huge step toward HTML5. Now we have IE10 that will ship with Windows 8 in a few weeks. But Microsoft still has this dark past and IE6 haunting the whole Web.

Almost an year ago, I posted about Microsoft initiative to help IE6 die. Since then, IE6 Countdown reported a 50% drop in IE6 usage. China still has the worst scenario, but everywhere else things are getting better. And to force users to migrate, Microsoft started an auto update program that upgrades everybody’s old IE’s to newer ones. Windows XP users are automatic updated to IE8 and Vista and Windows 7 to IE9.

That’s a nice approach from Microsoft. And perhaps someday they get this incremental auto update thing that Chrome and Firefox have.