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IEs 4 Linux 2.99.0 better than ever (includes Mac OS X support!)

Monday, November 26th, 2007

This version came with a strange number (2.99.0) because it’s the last series before IEs4Linux 3. That version will have many new features. By now, IEs4Linux 2.99.0 have MANY improvements, bug fixes and some new features.

You can download ies4linux-2.99.0 here.

Full changelog:

* Fixed IE7 checksum error
* Better Evolt mirror selection (thanks to Hendrik Heuer)
* Install MS Core Fonts (thanks to Mike Kronenberg)
* Use curl if wget is absent
* xdg-utils updated
* Detect Darwin (Mac OS X)
* Changed icon to PNG (better compatibility)
* Added registry keys to https in IE7 (thanks to Jim Burns)
* Fixed bug with security level options (thanks to Jim Burns)
* Fixed bug with permissions on Gentoo (thanks to Bas Westerbaan)
* wget/curl use IE 6 user-agent
* Disabled menu icon installation
* Small fixes and better code

On Mac
* Use Darwine or fink’s wine (thanks to Mike Kronenberg)
* Download cabextract if it’s missing
* Use logical folders (~/Applications)
* Use curl, no need for wget
* Few macfied things

Mac OS X support (Intel only)
I think the main evolution is full Mac OS X support. Some people sent me sparse patches, but Mike Kronenberg made all the hard work. He wrote a complete solution to osx with an ies4linux fork. Now I’m merging those things back. Many improvements made targeting Mac will improve other Unix’es compatibility too.

Mac users now can just install Darwine and X11 and run the script. Mike made a simple GUI to help the install process, but I didn’t include it here yet (actually I’m rewriting our GUI to ies4linux3). Mike’s installer also creates the app bundles; ies4linux don’t do this yet.

I strongly suggest that you use Mike’s pre-compiled Darwine packages (with freetype, what improves font rendering). Tiger users, go here; Leopard users, here. On Mac, ies4linux will create a folder called “IEs 4 Mac” into your Applications folder. There you’ll find bash executables files to open the IEs you installed (right now, you need to use Terminal to launch them).

Our code is constantly growing and getting better. Also, many people look at it and make changes to it. To help everyone (and myself) to control the modifications and to see the code, I set up a version control repository based on Subversion.

You can access it here:

This Site
As many of you have noted, this site is heavily out of date. Our forum was full of spam so I closed it. I will make a big update to the site soon, updating old informations and setting up a new forum. I promise 🙂

I said before that I lost many e-mails you sent to me. I could recover some of them (some of them very useful, with improvements to ies4linux). But, there was a LOT of e-mails to answer. I couldn’t answer them all, so I answered none of them (sorry:-( ). I read them all, and got all bug reports and suggestions.

I want to thank everybody that helps this project with bug reports, patches, translations and links to the project. And, of course, a special thanks to people that showed their support with a donation.