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IEs4Linux 2.5 Beta 2

Thursday, December 21st, 2006

Thanks for all feedback since our last release. Here is beta2. The main change is a KDE user interface for those that does not have pygtk. And we have some bug fixes too. Download it here, and remember to run the installer executable.

Full changelog:

  • New KDE user interface (uses Kommander)
  • Many translations updated
  • Corrected –help text
  • PyGTK interface should not froze anymore
  • Few bug fixes
  • IE7 update: now we copy ieframe.dll too (did this fix internet options dialog?)

Some people reported problems with python+pygtk. I though that with a PyGTK and a KDE version we would cover 99% of graphical linux environments (those that prefer command-line can use ./ies4linux). But it seems that I was wrong 🙂 So, I ask you: how can I make an user interface on linux today (with some script language) that works on most distros?

About the KDE GUI: I tried pyqt before doing it with Kommander. But I think pyqt is very difficult to learn, there is very few tutorials available and the API is not simple. Kommander was very very simple to learn and use, but maybe we still have some issues (I can’t make logo appears, layout is not fluid). If anyone knows how we can improve this Kommander version (or if anyone can write a PyQT version), please leave a comment here.

Special thanks for translators: Chia-I Wu, Axel Schmidt, Krzysztof Cieślawski, Eugene Schava, Gregor Gorjanc, Håvard Pedersen, Tomáš Klapka, Alex Kloss and Robert Luciani.

IEs4Linux 2.5 First Beta

Thursday, December 7th, 2006

There was a long time since we released our last version. Since then, I made a lot of changes. I changed so many things that I decided to abandon that 2.1 release and name our new version as 2.5. I tested everything on Ubuntu and Gentoo, but I need a few feedback from you before launching it as final.

So, get it IEs4Linux 2.5 beta 1 now. Extract it and double click the installer executable (or, open a terminal and run ./installer). This program will open a GUI written in Python. You still can run IEs4Linux purely on terminal, using the ies4linux executable (all options should be passed on command-line, see ies4linux –help).

Full Changelog:

  • ies4linux executable is command-line only
  • New User Interface (PyGtk) – run ./installer
  • Downloads now are checked with MD5 to detect file corruption (thanks to Mathieu Bonnet for the suggestion)
  • New download interface (much cleaner)
  • New startpage, based on user location
  • New location detection (try $LANG and ‘locale’)
  • Fixed problem with security properties that used to block ActiveX
  • Removed RICHED patch
  • Changed ActiveX from MFC40 to MFC42
  • Better code, refactored and improved
  • ie6.reg cleanup
  • New Debug to help developers
  • New translation system

Some comments:

  • I decided to make IEs4Linux completely runnable using command-line options after talking to Karl Lattimer from Wine Doors. It will help other projects (like Wine Doors) that want to embed ies4linux.
  • To the final user, I decided to provide only a GUI (no questions on terminal anymore), but a very easy GUI (without those Next->Next->…Finish, only a simple dialog).
  • I need help for translations again. This version introduced a lot of new messages that need to be localized. If you can help, please see this.

So, download this version and help me testing all those new features. I need a lot of feedback!
A very special thank to people that already helped with translations: Akos Keresztes, Gregor Gorjanc, Michal Čihař, Ben Colon, Krzysztof Cieślawski, Ivan Campaña, Davide Carini, Alex, Jorge Miró, Patrick, Osman S Borutecene and Amos Shapira.
For people that don’t have pygtk installed: I plan a pyqt version of our interface too. Just wait a few more days.

Easy program translations

Wednesday, December 6th, 2006

I will launch a new IEs4Linux version very soon. It will include a GUI and some other features. The main problem with this new version will be translations. We will need to update all translations, 36 today. To help me update all this files and to make this process easy for people that want to help me, I created a very easy interface to program translation.

If you can help, it will take only a few minutes. You enter here, select your locale and fill the form with translated messages (also fill your name and security word on top).Also, that page shows, locale by locale, a percentage indicating how much we need to do to complete that translation.

So, if you like this project, take 5 minutes and complete the translation to your locale. Thanks!