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Wiki WebSite

Friday, September 29th, 2006

I lauhched our new WebSite, now featuring MediaWiki. Many people complained about our old Site (how to manage translations, how to add more content …). I though that our forum was there to help us with all this extra content, but ir never worked (the interface is ugly and all that spam…).

So I decided to install MediaWiki. Tell me what you think (about our new design and about the Wiki itself).

I am now finishing the migration of our old Site (all translations) but I think that we will need people to help to translate some new parts. New users on Wiki are created by me to avoid spam, so if you can help talk to me and I give you an account. (contact me at slopes at gmail dot com)

IEs 4 Linux 2.0.3

Thursday, September 7th, 2006

Download it now. Changelog:

  • New translations: esperanto (thanks to Bertilo Wennergren), slovene (thanks to Matic Korun), serbian (thanks to Ivan Petrovic)
  • Added check for wget and unzip (as suggested here)
  • Added some easter eggs with extra hidden (and not so useful) features 🙂
  • Some minor bug fixes (thanks to RobK)

PS. Of course this version does not include nothing about IE7 yet.

Update: Sorry for unzip bug on 2.0.2. It is fixed now in 2.0.3. Please download IEs4Linux again.

Extra! Extra! IE7 running on Linux!

Wednesday, September 6th, 2006

UPDATE: Do not use this method, it’s outdated. Download our latest beta that already include this procedure with lots of improvements. See our blog.


Yes, you heard it right: IE7 is coming to Linux! Nobody in the entire world have done this before, but IEs4Linux team (me) is working hard to make this WebDesigner dream a reality. Last week I said to that IE7 support would be a very hard thing that we would not see on Linux very soon. But I also said that I was working hard to make it possible, and here we are now.

I got IE7 RC1 engine running on Wine 0.9.20 and Ubuntu Dapper. This is some kind of proof-of-concept, barely usable, pre-pre-alpha technique. Don’t expect this to be something 100% ok, but it is a very good hope to us.

See this running with your own eyes. I picked this page from positioniseverything that describe a bug on IE6 (Border Chaos) and that was fixed by MS on IE7. On left you see normal IE6 running with IEs4Linux and on right you see IE7. Note that this is not IE7 user interface; as I said, I got IE7 engine running (this is a very good start).

Remember that IE7 is still on RC1 and this is not the final release. Also note that IE7 RC1 can only be downloaded by people that owns original Windows XP through that Windows Genuine Advantage program (so, don’t expect IEs4Linux downloading IE7 automatically on future versions).

About not using IE7 user interface: I’m working on it, but, again, I don’t know if it is possible. If it is not possible, that is not a problem since what WebDesigners really need is IE engine to test their sites (all that tab, feeds, etc stuff does not matter for testing sites).

Ok, now you ask: “How did you did this?“. This very pre-pre-alpha, unstable and premature method consists of the following steps:

1) Install IE6 using IEs4Linux

2) Download IE7 RC1 for Windows XP

3) Cabextract IE7.exe and copy the following dlls to ~/.ies4linux/ie6/drive_c/windows/system :
wininet iertutil shlwapi urlmon jscript vbscript mshtml mshtmled mshtmler advpack inetcpl.cpl

4) Also get normaliz.dll and inetcplc.dll from your Windows XP SP2 to that folder too

5) Make ~/.ies4linux/ie6 simulate Windows XP instead of Windows 98

update: many people asked, so here it is: run WINEPREFIX=~/.ies4linux/ie6 winecfg and change Windows 98 to Windows XP.
6) Run ie6 executable (that runs IE6 IEXPLORE.EXE)

7) Take screenshots 🙂

Notes: this procedure is pre-pre-alpha! We need to expand this to include more IE7 features. I don’t know yet what works and what does not work.
And I don’t guarantee this will work with you. This is not final!

Last comment: Thanks for all people supporting IEs4Linux with donations. All this research is result of all this support from you guys! Thanks!

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