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IEs 4 Linux supports Flash 9!

Wednesday, June 28th, 2006

Adobe/Macromedia launched Adobe Flash Player 9 yesterday ans IEs4Linux still works. You don’t have to download IEs4Linux again; our latest releases already support Flash 9 automagically installation (without clicks, configurations or complications).

If you have a working environment with IEs4Linux and Flash 8, you have two options:

  • Remove inside ~/.ies4linux/downloads (or other folder you used) and execute ies4linux again
  • Or try to update flash by visiting on each IE

I recommend the first option, specially if you can upgrade IEs4Linux to the latest version – also, this option updates all 3 IEs automagically.

When installing Flash 9, you will note some wine error during ies4linux installation. Forget about it, everything works. Future versions will make this error disappear.

And, just for the records, my test environment was: Ubuntu 6.06 (Dapper), Wine 0.9.16 and IEs4Linux 2.0 beta 8.

IEs 4 Linux 2.0 beta 8 (latest before final?)

Sunday, June 25th, 2006

Again, here we are. Beta 8 is out. Get it here. There are very few changes:

  • New translation: Hebrew
  • Bug fixed: no cabextract.log
  • Bug fixed: all IEs are opened after installation

Here on my Ubuntu Dapper everything seems fine with all latest wine versions, 0.9.16, 0.9.15, 0.9.14….

Maybe there still are some problems with cabextract, please tell me if you get some error. FreeBSD still is unsupported because of bash issues; if you want to run on FreeBSD, use a bash port or help me support your OS!
Probably our next release will be IEs4Linux 2.0, finally! 😉

IEs4Linux 2.0 beta 7 (probably RC1)

Sunday, June 18th, 2006

This version fixes some bugs and adds some things (see changelog below). But I think this will be the last beta before the final version. Let’s see… And remember that your feedback is very welcome!

Get IEs4Linux 2.0 beta7 here. Changelog:

  • Try to check if user is using a fresh wine (please don’t try IEs4Linux 2 with those Wine 2005xxxx!)
  • New translations: Hungarian, Chinese Simplified (IEs4Linux supports now 18 languages!)
  • More compreensive error messages
  • Fixed bug (a single blank line was causing many problems for many people!)
  • Added hh.exe to handle IE Help files (CHM) (Thanks to Anton Ananich)

Forum spam

Saturday, June 17th, 2006

Maybe you have noted that our forum has a lot of spam. It’s hard to see valid messages. We are using phpBB but it seems to have absolutely no spam control. It sucks!

Some days ago I closed posting only to registered users (what is bad) but now spam is back again! Should we use another forum software? Anyone have any idea about how to solve this problem??

Update: Let’s try those images with numeric codes…