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IEs 4 Linux 2.0 beta6

Saturday, May 27th, 2006

Here it is: IEs4Linux 2.0 beta6.

It has some bug fixes but also some core changes. I need your help testing this. It seems to work here with Ubuntu Dapper and Wine 0.9.13. But maybe Flash and some updated willnot work for you (please tell me if it happens). If you have problems, you can get beta5 here.


  • New translations: Japanese, Danish
  • Fixed support for locales that use @euro (thanks to Jean-Michel PHILIPPE)
  • Fixed (?) “new window” bug on Fedora 5
  • Minor changes to improve FreeBSD compatibility (thanks to Tobias Roth)
  • Smarter inf processing (thanks to Pavel Roskin)
  • Some code cleanup and other minor improvements

And sorry for disappearing last days… I had many things to do here. Well, today I made beta6, answered emails and most of forum posts…

Finally, I would like to thank people that is making donations (only 2 yet…but it is a start :-). I will write something soon about donations and how this project is developed… For now, thanks.

New WebSite!

Wednesday, May 17th, 2006

This is our new WebSite! Hope you like!

I drawed a new logo that is (I hope) funnier than the last one. The site layout is also funnier and colorful. It is easier and direct to the point. There is only one page again, but only with essential information. Advanced informations, like FAQ, Bugs or Changelog are now on the forum.

Our blog now runs on WordPress 2.0 at /ies4linux/news/. Here I will post news and announcements about IEs4Linux, like it was before. By the way, it was a pain to migrate old posts here. I could not import comments, so old comments disappeared. Don’t worry, I have backup of everything here and I’ve already read every single comment with all your valuable information (some of them are copied to the forum).

This page will support translations in a very very easy way. It is only a txt file with the text. But I’m still finishing some things before you help me translating the home page. (I added a portuguese translation just to test)

Finally, let me know what you think about this new layout and logo, and also about all these page moves.

PS. Try to open this site on IE (using IEs4Linux) and you will see a very simplified layout. That’s because I didn’t have enough time to make it work on IE (this layout use a lot of PNG and float boxes). But, of course, I used IEs4Linux to make the IE version of this site 🙂

IEs 4 Linux 2.0 beta5

Sunday, May 14th, 2006

IEs4Linux beta 5 is out, get it now. And please use some new wine, like 0.9.12 or 0.9.13.


  • Fixed the “No System32 bug”. Anyone can confirm this?
  • Fixed the bug with Desktop icons
  • New translations: turkish, chinese (and some translations updated)
  • Support to distros that does not have wineserver executable
  • Many bugs fixed
  • New shortcut logo (new site is comming)
  • New (secret) command-line options (for debug)

And some comments:

Fedora Core 5 still it a problem. Many people are reporting problems, but some people are saying that it is working on a updated FC5 . If you have FC5, try to update your whole system before complaining about IEs4Linux…

Some people reported problems with latest Wine 0.9.13. Here everything works fine on my Ubuntu Dapper.

Thanks to everyone that is helping me and for all the comments on last post!

IEs4Linux 2.0 beta4

Tuesday, May 9th, 2006

Get it here. Changelog:

  • New translations: dutch, german (I received two and I had to choose one)
  • Testing support for encodings different from UTF8 (please help me testing this one)
  • Fixed no-flash bug (reported by rapsys)
  • Fixed sed error on each download (thanks to Sami Haahtinen)
  • Tried to fix problems after “To run your IEs, type:” section (should anyone who had problems confirm this fix?)
  • Changed our system.reg to be added to registry instead of replacing it (thanks to Pavel Roskin)
  • Simple flash installation

And that is it. It would be great if you could help me testing this beta. I think we would release 2.0final next week if everything works ok.

And about translations, thanks to everyone that is contributing! But I’m missing some important locales. HU, for example… I know MANY people from Hungary that is using IEs4Linux. Anyone could help with a translation? (China and Korea are other good examples too 🙂

IEs 4 Linux 2.0 beta 3 and some history

Tuesday, May 2nd, 2006

Did you know that first IEs4Linux was released on last year May? That time, I thought it was a simple script with a restricted public. Today, it is a complete program with MANY improvements thanks to a lot of people that worked with me. IEs4Linux 2.0 is a great way to celebrate this year!

And beta3 is out! Check changelog:

  • New translations: Italian, French, Russian, Spanish, Norwegian, Polish – Thank you guys!
  • Fixed flash download (we have to ‘ping’ their homepage before downloading the file, and the URL is changing every time!)
  • Improved
  • Dinamically loads user.reg (thanks to Pavel Roskin)
  • Minor bug fixes

We are working on other changes now. We will have a beta4 this week. Thanks to everyone that is helping me with this 2.0 version (with suggestions, patches and feedback).

Today I have one concern about Fedora users. Many people reported problems that only occurs on Fedora.I think it is related to some Fedora modification on Wine, but if any Fedora user has any idea how to make things happen with wine 0.9.12, please let us know.