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Mirror problems and some news

Thursday, March 23rd, 2006

We had a mirror problem last days. The Evolt mirror used by IEs 4 Linux was down so nothing works. If you had this problem, please download the latest version (1.3.9) that uses another mirror.

I received many e-mails reporting this problem (thanks everyone) so I will not answer individually (please don’t be mad). Some answers:

1) I am working on a mirror selector feature. But I want this to be automatic, I don’t want to prompt another thing to the user. Probably this feature will be ready to IEs 4 Linux 2.0 only

2) Many people indicated Green Apple site to download IEs. I didn’t know that Site. They aren’t an Evolt mirror so we can’t use with IEs4Linux. But I will study their files and maybe we change from Evolt to Green Apple (their files are small than Evolt ones)

As I said, IEs4Linux 2.0 is coming. New Site (yes, again!) with Forum so we can make a small comunity to talk about the program. But, of course, it will be 2.0 because it will be revolutionary 🙂

Some new features I am working on:
* Graphical interface (very very simple and easy to keep the magical thing)
* Mirror select
* Improved IE installations
* More plugins to be installed automatically

I want to release some 2.0 alpha version next days so people can help me testing and suggest improvements.

And, last news: I am typing this on my new Sony Vaio SZ laptop. As I said before I was thinking on buying this notebook… well, here it is. I need some days to finish all configurations (wireless network still not works) and then I restart working on IEs 4 Linux 2.0.

Good news: IEs4Linux 1.3.7. And help wanted with a dll

Tuesday, March 14th, 2006

Thanks to everyone to helped me with that Dapper Drake issue. Now everything works fine and I could release an update to IEs4Linux. IEs4Linux 1.3.7 has some improvements (as you can see on Changelog). Download it now!

Also, I decided to update our Site with more information. The FAQ page now have more questions answered, such as a proxy configuration how to.

Lately I received many e-mails about IEs4Linux and I didn’t have time to reply all (sorry, folks). So I got most common questions and added to our FAQ page too. Many e-mails will not have an answer but I read all that arrived (thanks everyone for the contributions).

I have to ask people to help me with an issue with comctl32.dll. As many of you have noticed, the javascript error dialog does not work. But if you change comctl32 from builtin to native it works, but there is one problem: some buttons become pink! Now I have this question: any idea on how to make builtin comctl32 work with the error dialog? or how to use native comctl32 without pink buttons? Help wanted!

That is it. Let me know if you have any problem with our latest version.