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Supporting IE9 on Linux

Wednesday, January 5th, 2011

IEs4Linux currently support mutiple versions of IE on Linux and Mac OS X, including IE6 and IE7. We are now working in IE9 support, bringing HTML5 and CSS3 magic to your Wine.

We will soon update the program do support this new Internet Explorer 9 version.

IEs4Linux fixes blank screen bug

Wednesday, February 6th, 2008

Many people are reporting this problem to me lately: when using IEs4Linux with recent wine versions (>=0.9.52), the ie toolbar disappear and others display bugs happen.Here is IEs4Linux that fixes only this bug. It’s an emergency release since 2.99.1 is not ready yet (as you know I’m late with this due to recent personal problems).I’m now finishing 2.99.1 that will have a lot of improvements and much better Mac compatibility. Just wait or you can spy our SVN server πŸ™‚

Presenting: IEs 4 Mac

Thursday, December 6th, 2007

IEs4Mac first logoMike Kronenberg started last month a port of IEs4Linux to Mac OS X. He made all modifications to the script needed to make it run on Mac. But he also macfied our install process to make it more like what Mac users expect.

All script modifications were already incorporated to IEs4Linux (see version 2.99.0). But we decided to also join forces to make the Mac GUI, Mac Application Bundles, easy Darwine installation and other things. That’s what we are calling the future IEs4Mac.

IEs4Linux and IEs4Mac are 99% equal; they do the same thing, the same way, with the same code. That’s why we decided to maintain everything together instead of creating a “new project”. The difference between then are very small (but very important do end users).

As I wrote before, Mac users already can run IEs4Linux 2.99.0 – it works on Mac Intels with Tiger or Leopard. But, soon, Mac users will have that “dedicated version” with a beautiful GUI and so on. (* people trying to run 2.99.0 on Mac: you need wine first; I recommend that you use one of Mike’s pre-compiled versions, just drag them to /Applications and run IEs4Linux)

I like webdesign very much (hey, that’s why I started ies4linux!), so I designed a new logo to celebrate this Mac support. Tell me what you think about it πŸ™‚

Technical points

The GUI is written entirely in Python. Mike did something with ObjC before, but I’m now rewriting this. The point here is to have the same GUI on Linux and Mac, that’s why I chose Python. I’ll provide two implementations now: PyGTK (Linux) and wxWindows (Mac and Linux). You can see the python script (preliminary stage!) on svn.

Talking to Mike, we think about distributing four flavors of IEs4Linux+Mac:

* ies4linux.tar.gz : Focused on Linux people, with GUI installation, for end users
* ies4linux-script.tar.gz : only the bash scripts for power-users (useful to embed on other things, to make automatic installations, …)
* ies4mac.dmg : Focused on Mac end-users. Nice GUI, mountable dmg, easy installation
* ies4mac-script.tar.gz : like the Linux one, only with those few mac tweaks

I like those GUIs because end-users can run our software easily. But, as a power user, I like automated scripts too. That’s why we though about those “flavors”. And, as you may think, the core of ies4linux+mac (99%) is the same with all four downloads.

So that’s where we are now. We are working hard to make this happen soon. Also, I’m working on bugs and improvements you sent to me since our last post (thanks everyone for that).

And a special thanks (from Mike and me) to people that support this project with donations.

Stay tuned!

IEs 4 Linux 2.99.0 better than ever (includes Mac OS X support!)

Monday, November 26th, 2007

This version came with a strange number (2.99.0) because it’s the last series before IEs4Linux 3. That version will have many new features. By now, IEs4Linux 2.99.0 have MANY improvements, bug fixes and some new features.

You can download ies4linux-2.99.0 here.

Full changelog:

* Fixed IE7 checksum error
* Better Evolt mirror selection (thanks to Hendrik Heuer)
* Install MS Core Fonts (thanks to Mike Kronenberg)
* Use curl if wget is absent
* xdg-utils updated
* Detect Darwin (Mac OS X)
* Changed icon to PNG (better compatibility)
* Added registry keys to https in IE7 (thanks to Jim Burns)
* Fixed bug with security level options (thanks to Jim Burns)
* Fixed bug with permissions on Gentoo (thanks to Bas Westerbaan)
* wget/curl use IE 6 user-agent
* Disabled menu icon installation
* Small fixes and better code

On Mac
* Use Darwine or fink’s wine (thanks to Mike Kronenberg)
* Download cabextract if it’s missing
* Use logical folders (~/Applications)
* Use curl, no need for wget
* Few macfied things

Mac OS X support (Intel only)
I think the main evolution is full Mac OS X support. Some people sent me sparse patches, but Mike Kronenberg made all the hard work. He wrote a complete solution to osx with an ies4linux fork. Now I’m merging those things back. Many improvements made targeting Mac will improve other Unix’es compatibility too.

Mac users now can just install Darwine and X11 and run the script. Mike made a simple GUI to help the install process, but I didn’t include it here yet (actually I’m rewriting our GUI to ies4linux3). Mike’s installer also creates the app bundles; ies4linux don’t do this yet.

I strongly suggest that you use Mike’s pre-compiled Darwine packages (with freetype, what improves font rendering). Tiger users, go here; Leopard users, here. On Mac, ies4linux will create a folder called “IEs 4 Mac” into your Applications folder. There you’ll find bash executables files to open the IEs you installed (right now, you need to use Terminal to launch them).

Our code is constantly growing and getting better. Also, many people look at it and make changes to it. To help everyone (and myself) to control the modifications and to see the code, I set up a version control repository based on Subversion.

You can access it here:

This Site
As many of you have noted, this site is heavily out of date. Our forum was full of spam so I closed it. I will make a big update to the site soon, updating old informations and setting up a new forum. I promise πŸ™‚

I said before that I lost many e-mails you sent to me. I could recover some of them (some of them very useful, with improvements to ies4linux). But, there was a LOT of e-mails to answer. I couldn’t answer them all, so I answered none of them (sorry:-( ). I read them all, and got all bug reports and suggestions.

I want to thank everybody that helps this project with bug reports, patches, translations and links to the project. And, of course, a special thanks to people that showed their support with a donation.

Tons of e-mails losted

Wednesday, October 3rd, 2007

Just a quick post: today I noted that MANY e-mails people sent me about IEs4Linux are losted. I don’t know why (yet) but my Spam filter is blocking many of those e-mails. So, if I never answered your e-mail, please don’t be angry πŸ™‚

I’m trying to revert this and answer a few e-mails that arrived last weeks…

About Windows WGA validation

Monday, June 18th, 2007

Yesterday a very smart user on discovered that Wine+IEs4Linux can be validated by the Windows Genuine Advantage Tools. So people can download restricted software on without even owning an original MS Windows license, what is illegal.

Just to remember everyone that is using IEs4Linux that the Legal notices page in this site says clearly (since the project started) that to use IEs4Linux you must have a valid Windows license. Using IEs4Linux without a Windows license is illegal and, of course, more illegal if you use that to download those restricted softwares.

Besides all that legal stuff, of course it’s very funny that many pirate windows don’t validate and Wine+IEs4Linux, that is not Windows, validates. But expect a correction from MS soon; these news were widely published πŸ™‚

IEs4Linux 2.5 Beta 6

Thursday, February 22nd, 2007

Hi everyone! Here is beta 6. This release fixes some important bugs and adds some final features.


  • New: Kommander GUI finished (advanced dialog)
  • New: IE7 proxy configuration hack (see below)
  • Improved: download output
  • Improved: other programs should find IE now (as Jim suggested here)
  • Improved: all temp files now go to ~/.ies4linux/tmp to avoid complications
  • Other bug fixes (1, 2, 3, 4)

About IE7 proxy configuration hack

The problem: since IE7 is not currently supported by Wine, IEs4Linux does a very dirty installation. We use IE6 user interface and replace its rendering engine with IE7’s one. This cause a problem: we can’t open some dialogs like javascript:alert, or Find (Ctrl+F) or Internet Options. The most annoying effect is that users can’t configure proxy settings.

The hack: as noted many times by Jim Burns, we can “pause” installation before installing IE7, launch IE6, configure proxy, and continue with the installation. So, this is now an “official hack” πŸ˜€

Here is what you have to do:

  • Run IEs4Linux with this flag enabled: ./ies4linux --hack-ie7-proxy-settings
  • After IE6 is installed, it will open. Go to Internet Options dialog and configure your proxy
  • Close IE6 and IE7 installation should proceed
  • Final step: comment here what you think about his hack and if it worked for you

And just a final note: the command-line option is large to remember everybody that this is a hack. πŸ˜›
About programs translations

I updated our online translation system, so all translations need upgrades (guys, I promise no more major updates to translations soon πŸ˜› ).

But, as I said before, my main concern now is how these localizations are being displayed in so different languages and encodings. I’m testing everything here in my Ubuntu Edgy box but I think some of you may have problems (specially those that don’t use UTF8).

So, I need feedback on this. Please tell me if IEs4Linux user interface works well in your language. If it does not work, run: ./ies4linux --no-localization. This will force an English interface.

I guess some locales like Hebrew will simply not work… but I need feedback πŸ™‚

Final comments

– I need feedback about Menu and Desktop icons installed using xdg-utils. Is this working? [Wine WWN-Issue 321 has an interesting discussion about this]

– In the past I was using the ‘source’ command to import files (and we had some compatibility issues). Now I use the ‘period operator’. Did this fix compatibility problems? (OSX has this operator? other shells?)

– Also WWN-322 has a mention to ‘ies4linux’ when talking about IE Developer Toolbar Beta 3. I think this is the first “official” mention to ies4linux on πŸ™‚

– Thanks to translators: Eugene Schava, lebinh, Milan Cvejic, fondacio, Roque Pinel, lotko, Thomas Bjârklund, Peter, Edo Jerkovic, Zekonology.

You know how important you are when…

Sunday, February 18th, 2007

You know how important something you did is when something like this happens. (and I hope this is the only link to this fake site in the entire Internet)

That’s funny. IEs4Linux is a free project, that today, after two years of work, generates some small revenue for me (from Google adsense and spontaneous donations). But its intention was never to make me rich (hello, we’re talking about a small, free and open source project!). And now someone that think that’s better than me (and you, users) try to earn money without doing anything.

And that’s something that make me proud too. This project grew a lot since 2004. Many people use it. Many people support it. Many companies use it in a daily base. It’s something nice that I did and many people like!

When I created the name “IEs4Linux” I searched for it on Google to make sure it was unique. And I keep tracking how many Sites talk about it since them (I remember a blog post about our first hundred references on Google πŸ™‚ ). Today you get 281 thousand references. It’s amazing! And some people try to get easy money from that success…

Anyway, I never wanted to register I was postponing registering until today (I never thought it’s a big thing having an exclusive domain). So, is ours now to avoid some other name hijacking…


Changing the subject: I know I’m very late with our new beta version. I had many things to do these days but I’m already finishing beta 6. I fixed many bugs you said before, introduced some new features (like an IE7 proxy configuration workaround), but it’s not finished yet. I’ll try to release beta6 asap πŸ™‚

Let me answer some comments from beta5 post (that’s closed for new comments):

– Jim: ‘wineserver -w’ simply does not work here (Ubuntu). I know that ‘killall wine’… maybe a future version should keep pids and kill only that pids

– mbvlist: Correct me if I’m wrong, but I guess IE Developer Toolbar Beta 3 is for Windows XP. Since IEs4Linux uses Win98 for IE6, it may cause some bugs. By the way, should we start to install IE6 using a WinXP bottle (like IE7)? Or should we keep IE6 running in 98?

– mbvlist: About select infinite z-index bug. I made a very simple test case with the technique that I normally use. And IEs4Linux renders everything correctly. See this.

– Zero: could you send to me the output of the following commands? ‘echo $LANG’ and ‘locale’.  I’m very worried about IEs4Linux localization in 2.5. We didn’t have any problem before because IEs4Linux 2.0 is 100% terminal. I’m still trying to figure out a way to handle all those localizations without problems…

New site design

Thursday, February 8th, 2007

This week I finished our latest redesign. I made a cleaner design with some new features, such as the top bar that is visible everywhere (wiki, blog, forum). Also the right column has links to Beta version and Last News (many people didn’t know before that we had a beta version…). I hope you liked the new design.

The most exciting thing for me wasn’t the site itself, but how IEs4Linux helped me doing it. There was a long time since I made a full design thinking about IE compatibility etc. When I started this new design I decided to make IE versions as close as possible to the “original” version. And usinf IEs4Linux it’s a lot easier to make web design using Linux.

Using conditional comments I fixed almost all IE bugs (like simulating :after and :before with JavaScritpt). I noted also that IE7 has less bugs and PNG transparency works fine (actually most problem with IE<=6 was PNGs, that I replaced with GIFs, JPGs). So, I was happy to see how easy is to develop a Site using this project I created πŸ™‚

And I noted that Linux is the most exciting web development platform. What I used: Inkscape and Gimp for design, Kate for coding and IEs4Linux+Firefox+Konqueror+Opera to test everything.

About ads: I changed the ads position from right to left (Google says it’s better) and removed top ads. I think that the ads are less intrusive now, but ads are always intrusive. You know, this is an open source project so I have to generate some revenue from ads and donations… so close your eyes to them (or adblock them) if they bother your πŸ˜€

Why supporting this project is a good thing

Thursday, January 18th, 2007

I started IEs4Linux two years ago as a completely free and open source program, entirely developed on my free time. But, today, I can spend more time on IEs4Linux, to improve our program and implement new features (lot’s of things, macosx/freebsd/solaris compatibility, ie7, Java, more plugins and other cool ideas).

That’s why I’m asking you to financially support this work. I love open source. I love to use good products without having to pay for it too. But when I see some program that is valuable to my work, that helps me making money, I think it’s a good idea to support this project.

Reasons to support open projects: Because open source is cool? Yes. To thanks for a great tool? Yes. To help a small project created by one single developer? Yes. To help the project evolve because this will help my work and my earnings? Yes!!

So, that’s what I’m asking you: if IEs4Linux helps your work, saves your time (time is money, remember?) and increase your earnings, support this project. The simpler way is to make any small donation via PayPal. But you can also signup for DreamHost using our promo code, or signup for Google Adsense using our banner.

Anyway, if you can, support this project. See our “Contribute” page.

IEs4Linux intention is to help WebDesigners like me to easily migrate to Linux (of course you can use IE to anything else :-)). WebDesigners still needs IE to work, because we need to test our Sites.

IEs4Linux grows a lot every day, since 2005, what is a great thing. But it was never my intention to fully work on this tool, so I still develop IEs4Linux on my free time. Lately, I’m spending a lot of time on it, to help users, to improve the program, to research about better solutions (IE7 is coming soon). So, your support is very welcome!

Thanks! Sérgio Lopes – IEs4Linux Creator, Developer, Maintainer etc πŸ˜€


And, of course, a very very special thanks for people that support this project not with money, but with work. Testers, translators, forum visitors and people that wrote about it all over the Internet. Thanks!