IE9 accounts for 1% market share in March

IE9 already has 1% total market share according to NetApplications March data. But it seems to be a much slower growth when compared to Firefox 4 with 1.68% or Chrome 10 with an impressive 6.7% market share. Those 3 browsers were released in March, but it seems that Chrome’s auto update feature is a big win to keep users up to date and safe. Should Microsoft and Mozilla adopt the same strategy?

One Response to “IE9 accounts for 1% market share in March”

  1. Keith says:

    I don’t know. If a web browser tried to automatically download updates for me, I’d be wondering why everything was being so slow and probably restart the system.

    SeaMonkey has that capability, but I turn it off (I only have it alert me, but I download the updates on my own schedule).