IE9 will be released today

According to some rumors, Microsoft will announce the ninth version of its Internet Explorer browser as early as today. It’s an important moment for all web dev community, since it’s the first IE version with HTML5 and CSS3. We hope all IE users update quickly; and also that our to be released IEs4Linux hack with IE9 support continue to work.

3 Responses to “IE9 will be released today”

  1. feridun says:

    very thanks, your job. im sorry my bad english. your my favoruite. thanks a lot all..

  2. Viser says:

    Hope IEs4Linux will support ie9

  3. nulll says:

    I would like to have more news from you about the development of IE9.
    Please update the instructions for the ie4linux installation ’cause it’s out-of-date

    here is the workaround for the last ubuntu