IEs4Linux fixes blank screen bug

Many people are reporting this problem to me lately: when using IEs4Linux with recent wine versions (>=0.9.52), the ie toolbar disappear and others display bugs happen.Here is IEs4Linux that fixes only this bug. It’s an emergency release since 2.99.1 is not ready yet (as you know I’m late with this due to recent personal problems).I’m now finishing 2.99.1 that will have a lot of improvements and much better Mac compatibility. Just wait or you can spy our SVN server 🙂

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  1. ~Xpain~ says:

    Hi Guis

    I were installed an older version, so I update to IEs4Linux but for install that older version i have not problems, but for installIEs4Linux you must install python because some install scrips are *.py

    This work for me on Mandriva 2007.1

    I Hope this help to someone.

  2. konrad says:

    Hello all!
    I’ve tried both, IEs4Linux 2.99.0 and 2.99.1 and I have strange problem – websites doesn’t want to open. There is only information in status bar: Connecting to … [IP] and nothing happens.
    I have no problems in other applications however I didn’t check something else under Wine. I’ve checked IE5.5, IE6 and IE7 – all the same.
    My system is Dreamlinux, wine installed by APT GET and my internet connection is through router (WiFi USB dongle). Apps like FF, Opera, Skype, GoogleEarth works fine.
    Is there any network configuration for Wine? Strange thing is, that if I type http://www…. address it shows IP of that server in status bar. Does it mean that it gets info from DNS?
    Thanks in advance for your help!

  3. Himagain says:

    Hi there,
    Got here via Ubuntu list to download this apparently amazing programming effort.

    Tried to sign up as member but no option present under Konquror to do so??
    Thanks in advance …. if only it works for me, what a bugremover!


  4. Josh says:

    I’ve installed using the ie7 proxy hack, but it doesn’t seem to stick. When I open IE7 using selenium, it comes back with a 404, which is indicative of the proxy not being set. I installed using the no-gui option, does that make a difference?

    Also, both ie6 and ie7 don’t seem to close cleanly. I’m searching the web for wine apps not closing, but haven’t come across anything so far. Any suggestions from the forum?

  5. Jorge says:

    Hi there,
    I tryed to install ie4linux, but i always receive this error message in instalation:

    debian@thundercat:~/ies4linux-$ ./ies4linux –no-gui –debug
    DEBUG: Hi, I’m Linux
    IEs4Linux will:
    – Install Internet Explorers: 6.0
    – Using IE locale: EN-US
    – Install Adobe Flash 9.0
    – Install everything at: /home/jorge/.ies4linux
    [ OK ]

    Downloading everything we need
    Downloading from
    DEBUG: DCOM98.EXE: correctsize 1229056 correctmd5 9a7bc7ff37168217123a5e28aadef897
    DEBUG: DCOM98.EXE: size 1229056 md5 9a7bc7ff37168217123a5e28aadef897
    DEBUG: correctsize 632755 correctmd5 fbe551338463f13c6a5e215db55ac21b
    DEBUG: size 632755 md5 fbe551338463f13c6a5e215db55ac21b
    DEBUG: 249973USA8.exe: correctsize 838328 correctmd5 069c9efff9e21793ef60c445c36c5509
    DEBUG: 249973USA8.exe: size 838328 md5 069c9efff9e21793ef60c445c36c5509
    DEBUG: ie6/EN-US/ADVAUTH.CAB: correctsize 47213 correctmd5 9e5b306f34c1494867c96d5d9f5cbdbf
    DEBUG: ie6/EN-US/ADVAUTH.CAB: size 47213 md5 9e5b306f34c1494867c96d5d9f5cbdbf
    DEBUG: ie6/EN-US/CRLUPD.CAB: correctsize 12984 correctmd5 fda9426f6277fdb1f60bb9d4b423c8b0
    DEBUG: ie6/EN-US/CRLUPD.CAB: size 12984 md5 fda9426f6277fdb1f60bb9d4b423c8b0
    DEBUG: ie6/EN-US/HHUPD.CAB: correctsize 704025 correctmd5 7bb5797d4b003dfac817baf767aa9433
    DEBUG: ie6/EN-US/HHUPD.CAB: size 704025 md5 7bb5797d4b003dfac817baf767aa9433
    DEBUG: ie6/EN-US/IEDOM.CAB: correctsize 110162 correctmd5 9c3824c4f8b7fe9f99f54710ba961134
    DEBUG: ie6/EN-US/IEDOM.CAB: size 110162 md5 9c3824c4f8b7fe9f99f54710ba961134
    DEBUG: ie6/EN-US/IE_EXTRA.CAB: correctsize 141680 correctmd5 5519735dd00440485fa8bace656e139b
    DEBUG: ie6/EN-US/IE_EXTRA.CAB: size 141680 md5 5519735dd00440485fa8bace656e139b
    DEBUG: ie6/EN-US/IE_S1.CAB: correctsize 1525813 correctmd5 f83fa15c6af002077acb90bc09ed73e7
    DEBUG: ie6/EN-US/IE_S1.CAB: size 1525813 md5 f83fa15c6af002077acb90bc09ed73e7
    DEBUG: ie6/EN-US/IE_S2.CAB: correctsize 1458213 correctmd5 1e1cd686279b6e4c24833b6963c546b9
    DEBUG: ie6/EN-US/IE_S2.CAB: size 1458213 md5 1e1cd686279b6e4c24833b6963c546b9
    DEBUG: ie6/EN-US/IE_S5.CAB: correctsize 1458213 correctmd5 f80b2c02a57c316e0409c49c7b791472
    DEBUG: ie6/EN-US/IE_S5.CAB: size 1458213 md5 f80b2c02a57c316e0409c49c7b791472
    DEBUG: ie6/EN-US/IE_S4.CAB: correctsize 1458213 correctmd5 cba16ff0528a5bbf5e75ef31b7133c06
    DEBUG: ie6/EN-US/IE_S4.CAB: size 1458213 md5 cba16ff0528a5bbf5e75ef31b7133c06
    DEBUG: ie6/EN-US/IE_S3.CAB: correctsize 1458213 correctmd5 43c03a53faadf8c9b4603fdeb73643ba
    DEBUG: ie6/EN-US/IE_S3.CAB: size 1458213 md5 43c03a53faadf8c9b4603fdeb73643ba
    DEBUG: ie6/EN-US/IE_S6.CAB: correctsize 258071 correctmd5 c7b75a8b300765ef492435cda6a5d693
    DEBUG: ie6/EN-US/IE_S6.CAB: size 258071 md5 c7b75a8b300765ef492435cda6a5d693
    DEBUG: ie6/EN-US/SETUPW95.CAB: correctsize 928786 correctmd5 46c1f1901f07c4d4ac449071813157e2
    DEBUG: ie6/EN-US/SETUPW95.CAB: size 928786 md5 46c1f1901f07c4d4ac449071813157e2
    DEBUG: ie6/EN-US/FONTCORE.CAB: correctsize 762249 correctmd5 02d8881296c08735206ddbce5c0fff3f
    DEBUG: ie6/EN-US/FONTCORE.CAB: size 762249 md5 02d8881296c08735206ddbce5c0fff3f
    DEBUG: ie6/EN-US/FONTSUP.CAB: correctsize 643814 correctmd5 4c08b6e24c949a55e9c3c511d672176a
    DEBUG: ie6/EN-US/FONTSUP.CAB: size 643814 md5 4c08b6e24c949a55e9c3c511d672176a
    DEBUG: ie6/EN-US/VGX.CAB: correctsize 1005192 correctmd5 8cd21b226c1020bcd147e8592d5122f5
    DEBUG: ie6/EN-US/VGX.CAB: size 1005192 md5 8cd21b226c1020bcd147e8592d5122f5
    0% SCR56EN.CABDEBUG: Download PID=20880
    98% SCR56EN.CABAn error ocurred when downloading. Please run IEs4Linux again. Corrupted file: ie6/EN-US/SCR56EN.CAB

    SCR56EN isn’t downloading.

    what’s the problem?

  6. Scott R. Godin says:

    one thing I noticed when doing a fresh re-install just now, that may or may not be relevant:

    installed ies4linux on a fresh desktop machine after a few false-starts with wget failing and causing an error.

    ie6 launches fine and when the app is quit, a few moments later wineserver and the other associated processes ALSO quit.

    I didn’t experience the ‘stuff hanging around issue’ (tested several times) and figured all was well now.

    HOWEVER, after connecting with and installing their mandatory ActiveX plugin, the ‘stuff hanging around after the app quits’ bit started happening again.

    no idea if it’s related but if any of you beta-testers have an account on there, you might poke through the innards to see what’s going on.

  7. […] the blank screen bug has been a widespread issue. Sérgio has addressed it on his blog and pushed an emergency release of IEs4Linux, version, to resolve this issue […]

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