Presenting: IEs 4 Mac

IEs4Mac first logoMike Kronenberg started last month a port of IEs4Linux to Mac OS X. He made all modifications to the script needed to make it run on Mac. But he also macfied our install process to make it more like what Mac users expect.

All script modifications were already incorporated to IEs4Linux (see version 2.99.0). But we decided to also join forces to make the Mac GUI, Mac Application Bundles, easy Darwine installation and other things. That’s what we are calling the future IEs4Mac.

IEs4Linux and IEs4Mac are 99% equal; they do the same thing, the same way, with the same code. That’s why we decided to maintain everything together instead of creating a “new project”. The difference between then are very small (but very important do end users).

As I wrote before, Mac users already can run IEs4Linux 2.99.0 – it works on Mac Intels with Tiger or Leopard. But, soon, Mac users will have that “dedicated version” with a beautiful GUI and so on. (* people trying to run 2.99.0 on Mac: you need wine first; I recommend that you use one of Mike’s pre-compiled versions, just drag them to /Applications and run IEs4Linux)

I like webdesign very much (hey, that’s why I started ies4linux!), so I designed a new logo to celebrate this Mac support. Tell me what you think about it 🙂

Technical points

The GUI is written entirely in Python. Mike did something with ObjC before, but I’m now rewriting this. The point here is to have the same GUI on Linux and Mac, that’s why I chose Python. I’ll provide two implementations now: PyGTK (Linux) and wxWindows (Mac and Linux). You can see the python script (preliminary stage!) on svn.

Talking to Mike, we think about distributing four flavors of IEs4Linux+Mac:

* ies4linux.tar.gz : Focused on Linux people, with GUI installation, for end users
* ies4linux-script.tar.gz : only the bash scripts for power-users (useful to embed on other things, to make automatic installations, …)
* ies4mac.dmg : Focused on Mac end-users. Nice GUI, mountable dmg, easy installation
* ies4mac-script.tar.gz : like the Linux one, only with those few mac tweaks

I like those GUIs because end-users can run our software easily. But, as a power user, I like automated scripts too. That’s why we though about those “flavors”. And, as you may think, the core of ies4linux+mac (99%) is the same with all four downloads.

So that’s where we are now. We are working hard to make this happen soon. Also, I’m working on bugs and improvements you sent to me since our last post (thanks everyone for that).

And a special thanks (from Mike and me) to people that support this project with donations.

Stay tuned!

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