IEs 4 Linux 2.99.0 better than ever (includes Mac OS X support!)

This version came with a strange number (2.99.0) because it’s the last series before IEs4Linux 3. That version will have many new features. By now, IEs4Linux 2.99.0 have MANY improvements, bug fixes and some new features.

You can download ies4linux-2.99.0 here.

Full changelog:

* Fixed IE7 checksum error
* Better Evolt mirror selection (thanks to Hendrik Heuer)
* Install MS Core Fonts (thanks to Mike Kronenberg)
* Use curl if wget is absent
* xdg-utils updated
* Detect Darwin (Mac OS X)
* Changed icon to PNG (better compatibility)
* Added registry keys to https in IE7 (thanks to Jim Burns)
* Fixed bug with security level options (thanks to Jim Burns)
* Fixed bug with permissions on Gentoo (thanks to Bas Westerbaan)
* wget/curl use IE 6 user-agent
* Disabled menu icon installation
* Small fixes and better code

On Mac
* Use Darwine or fink’s wine (thanks to Mike Kronenberg)
* Download cabextract if it’s missing
* Use logical folders (~/Applications)
* Use curl, no need for wget
* Few macfied things

Mac OS X support (Intel only)
I think the main evolution is full Mac OS X support. Some people sent me sparse patches, but Mike Kronenberg made all the hard work. He wrote a complete solution to osx with an ies4linux fork. Now I’m merging those things back. Many improvements made targeting Mac will improve other Unix’es compatibility too.

Mac users now can just install Darwine and X11 and run the script. Mike made a simple GUI to help the install process, but I didn’t include it here yet (actually I’m rewriting our GUI to ies4linux3). Mike’s installer also creates the app bundles; ies4linux don’t do this yet.

I strongly suggest that you use Mike’s pre-compiled Darwine packages (with freetype, what improves font rendering). Tiger users, go here; Leopard users, here. On Mac, ies4linux will create a folder called “IEs 4 Mac” into your Applications folder. There you’ll find bash executables files to open the IEs you installed (right now, you need to use Terminal to launch them).

Our code is constantly growing and getting better. Also, many people look at it and make changes to it. To help everyone (and myself) to control the modifications and to see the code, I set up a version control repository based on Subversion.

You can access it here:

This Site
As many of you have noted, this site is heavily out of date. Our forum was full of spam so I closed it. I will make a big update to the site soon, updating old informations and setting up a new forum. I promise 🙂

I said before that I lost many e-mails you sent to me. I could recover some of them (some of them very useful, with improvements to ies4linux). But, there was a LOT of e-mails to answer. I couldn’t answer them all, so I answered none of them (sorry:-( ). I read them all, and got all bug reports and suggestions.

I want to thank everybody that helps this project with bug reports, patches, translations and links to the project. And, of course, a special thanks to people that showed their support with a donation.

40 Responses to “IEs 4 Linux 2.99.0 better than ever (includes Mac OS X support!)”

  1. Downloading from Evolt Browser Archive:
    0% ie55sp2_9x.zipAn error ocurred when downloading. Please run IEs4Linux again. Corrupted file:

    On Mac OS X Leopard. Not that it should matter. I’m also getting errors on ie5 and flash.

  2. Steven Rowe says:

    Thanks man, this is awesome!

  3. Diego says:

    Hi, thanks for the mac support, just a few question
    can you make a tutorial on how to install it on mac I didn’t understand


  4. tenshu says:

    IE7 is till really sloooowwwww to download/display pages

  5. BlackDex says:

    First, thx for creating this handy script.
    Second, have you checked out MultipleIEs from TredoSoft?

    There also is an install-helper for IE7, mabye you can get it to work for WINE. (See the standalone installer).

    Hope this can help you :).

  6. BlackDex says:

    After browsing the comments on the IE7 page, i discovered a way to fix the the drop-down .

    Download the following file
    Change all the:

    Then import that regfile into the ie7 wine-bottle.
    1. Open a terminal.
    2. export WINEPREFIX=~/.ies4linux/ie7
    3. wine regedit newIE7.reg
    4. Start IE7, and it should be fixed.

    Would be cool if this can be added to the default release of ies4linux.

  7. BlackDex says:

    Hmm it seems like cookies arn’t working for IE7 anymore.
    They do in IE6.

  8. BlackDex says:

    Hello again.

    I Just encounterd a buggy regarding the rendering of a page with IE6.
    After some “element.innerText” JS, it crippled the layout.

    It turned out that this wasn’t the case on a XP PC with the latest IE6.
    So i downloaded the above MultipleIE i talked about, and copyed its IE6 dll files etc.. to the IE6’s system32 folder from ies4linux.
    This seemd to have fixed this problem.

    Mabye there is a DLL missing, or some outdated version of it.

    Hope this can be updated/fixed.

    PS: I can’t recreate it as an example, sorry.

  9. Dario Black says:

    Very good job! It helped me a lot!! Thanks!!!

  10. Edoardo says:


    if I launch install with:
    ./ies4linux --install-ie7 --hack-ie7-proxy-settings --no-gui

    IE7 works, except cookies,

    if I install with:
    ./ies4linux --install-ie7 --no-gui

    still no cookies and is very slow

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  12. […] Luís Lopes Júnior, the father of ies4linux has included all the OS X fixes from ies4osx into ies4linux. He is about to include a platform-independent GUI and some more features. This way, Mac people are […]

  13. Jigar Shah says:

    I did something like this.
    ./ies4linux –hack-ie7-proxy-settings –no-gui –install-ie7

    IE 6 opened i opened Options box and changed few parameters. Clicked on save. Closed IE. still When i start IE7 and try to select Tools-> Options. It says contact Administrator. Whats the issue ?

  14. Aubrey says:

    I just tried installing beta 6 and it failed on IE7 download from microsoft. So, I did some modifications to the code in to make it work.

    Removed lines 61 – 71 & 54 – 60

    Looked like IE7 got 99% and didn’t match or something who knows, but the file was in my downloads folder, so I just made it run it anyways and all’s good…

    Hope it helps…

  15. Dustin says:

    I’ve gotten Outlook Web Access PREMIUM client for Exchange 2007 working with ie6. By default it doesn’t work because ie4linux is installed in a Win98 bottle and ie6 reports this. Changing the bottle to Win2000 or XP breaks HTTPS support. However, if you just change the user-agent in user.reg by adding these lines:

    [Software\\Microsoft\\Windows\\CurrentVersion\\Internet Settings\\User Agent\\Post Platform]
    “Windows NT 5.1″=”This String Doesn’t Matter I think”

    [Software\\Microsoft\\Windows\\CurrentVersion\\Internet Settings\\User Agent\\Pre Platform]
    “Windows NT 5.1″=”This String Doesn’t Matter I think”

    It works! I would recommend from now on that the user agent in ie4linux to be reported as at least Windows 2000 as there are many websites that refuse to function on Win98 platforms.

  16. Richard says:

    Don’t forget

    sudo apt-get install cabextract

  17. marius says:

    maybe you should add the new release to the download section, because the old version is really buggy.

  18. slopes says:

    Hi everybody!

    @BlackDex: Thanks for your ideas and investigations. I’ll incorporate those changes to our next version.

    @Dustin: I’ll investigate this registry key a little more and include it on IEs4Linux. Thanks

    @marius: You’re right. 2.99.0 is still beta but our last “stable” release does not work anymore, so I updated it. Thanks.

    @Aubrey: this version fixes that IE7 download problem.

    @Diego: see my next post. You really just need to install Darwine and execute the script on a terminal.

    @Everybody: Remember that IE7 support is still a _hack_! There’s no way no run IE7 “normally” yet. There are MANY bugs with our approach (don’t open dialogs, is very slow, etc)

  19. Alex Kloss says:

    Nice work! Alas, MSIE 7 is far too slow to be usable for testing css layouts. Any idea about the reason? Do you know whether the wine team is adding better IE7 support soon?

    Greetings, Alex

  20. Fernando says:

    I can’t install ies4linux, when try to download the *.CAB files the URL is broken, and can’t download file. Maybe the microsoft url has changed or is out of work today.

  21. […] ora, gli utenti più smaliziati possono utilizzare IEs4Linux 2.99.0 sui Mac Intel con 10.4 o 10.5 installato, ma presto (prestissimo, secondo gli sviluppatori) […]

  22. chinasaurus says:

    I installed ie4linux successfully, but I can not start it now, cause there’s no shortcut to it. How do I do that with command line?

  23. Elaine says:

    I am so impressed. I am running IE6 on an AMD 64 Ubuntu Gutsy Gibbon machine. Never thought it would happen. (Never wanted it to happen, but have to have IE to update an application at work.)

  24. Cal Webster says:

    Installing ies4linux (ie6) was simple and faster than installing on Windows. It works great for simple web pages with maybe some javascript.

    HOWEVER! It is EXTREMELY slow bringing up pages over a web-based VPN. The same pages are almost instantaneous on Windows 2000 MSIE 6.

    Keep up the great work! There is a big need for IE testing and cross-over use. This application has a lot of promise. 🙂

  25. Cal Webster says:

    I am frustrated and disappointed that, after joining the forums I was unable to search in any of them for answers. All forums are “locked” and there is no way to post comments or provide feedback of any kind! It really would be nice to search to see if others have had similar issues.

    This comment box is the first place I’ve found where users can provide any actual feedback.

  26. Jack says:

    hi, can I use this IEs 4 Linux in Asus Eee PC? coz some of my freqently visit websites only allow IE. Also, can you teach me more details about how to install it in Eee PC? many thx!

  27. Da Panischa says:

    on ubuntu gutsy, amd64, 2.6.22-14-generic


    Gtk-ERROR **: file /build/buildd/gtk+2.0-2.12.0/gtk/gtktextlayout.c: line 2281 (gtk_text_layout_get_line_display): should not be reached
    ui/pygtk/ line 6: 11822 Aborted python “$IES4LINUX”/ui/pygtk/

  28. Andrew says:

    You are amazing!

  29. Florian Lohoff says:

    i like it very much – i tried integrating with the visioviewer and failed. visioviewer is available on the microsoft pages and needs an internet explorer so i thought i’ll be lucky.


  30. fergus says:

    Da Panischa, I have similar GTK-ERROR. Did you get yours resolved? Please share if you have.


  31. fergus says:

    Huh. I ran ./ies4linux again and this time did not change any options (previously I checked box to install menu icon and removed desktop icon). Install completed this time. I can’t explain it, just thought I’d post back up my info.


  32. void says:

    Same GTK-ERROR, same solution (Fergus)

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