About Windows WGA validation

Yesterday a very smart user on UbuntuForums.org discovered that Wine+IEs4Linux can be validated by the Windows Genuine Advantage Tools. So people can download restricted software on microsoft.com without even owning an original MS Windows license, what is illegal.

Just to remember everyone that is using IEs4Linux that the Legal notices page in this site says clearly (since the project started) that to use IEs4Linux you must have a valid Windows license. Using IEs4Linux without a Windows license is illegal and, of course, more illegal if you use that to download those restricted softwares.

Besides all that legal stuff, of course it’s very funny that many pirate windows don’t validate and Wine+IEs4Linux, that is not Windows, validates. But expect a correction from MS soon; these news were widely published 🙂

10 Responses to “About Windows WGA validation”

  1. esa says:

    Oh my… that changed my life today …

    What about next ies4linux version?

  2. GT500 says:

    I’d actually known about that for a while (almost a year now), so I imagine that there were a few others who did, but who had not though it a big deal when the figured it out.

  3. don’t know if that is the problem, but today after i update my system (wine update included) on ubuntu, some “h” letter appears on IE.

    i can view pages, but i must do File->Open… and then it load the page. even this, always appears this “h” letter on the URL.

  4. jim burns says:

    Yes, this is a wine problem using native dlls, as ies4linux does. (Of course, if you use the builtin dlls, you don’t get the location bar, anyway.) Became a problem with 0.9.41. (At least I don’t remember it in 0.9.40.) Note, the ‘h’ is probably just part of ‘http:’, Favorites links work (I have a soft link to my Favorites on my ntfs partition), and the garbage in the search suggestions tell me this might be a unicode problem.

  5. jim burns says:

    Note, changing your windows version to win2k in winecfg makes the problem go away. (WINEPREFIX=~/.ies4linux/ie6 winecfg, or just edit ~/.ies4linux/ie6/user.reg when ie6 is not running.) Also works for winxp, so ie7 dowsn’t have the problem. Of course, not using win98 causes other problems with https: links, popups, etc.

  6. now my bars go away. even if i change winecfg the nav bar and menu bar doesn’t show.

  7. jim burns says:

    The only time the nav and menu bars don’t show is when you have “shdocvw”=”builtin” or “shdocvw”=”builtin,native” in the [Software\\Wine\\DllOverrides] section of ~/.ies4linux/user.reg, which is contrary to the way ies4linux sets things up. When you go into “WINEPREFIX=~/.ies4linux/ie6 winecfg”, assuming you DON’T have an iexplore.exe entry in the first tab, click on Libraries, and scroll down in the second box, and make sure it says shdocvw (native). If you did enter an iexplore .exe in the first (Application) tab, click on ‘iexplore.exe’, and then Libraries, & make sure it has that entry for shdocvw, although you really don’t need an iexplore entry, the way ies4linux is setup. A surefire way of checking if this was your problem is running ie6 as ‘WINEDLLOVERRIDES=”mshtml,shdocvw=n” ie6’.

    The only other thing I can think of is recent versions of wine store the wine version in a different place than [Software\\Wine] in user.reg, though they still respect anything in [Software\\Wine]. Rather than using winecfg to change the version, close ie6, wait a few seconds for wineserver to exit as well, then edit ~/.ies4linux/ie6/user.reg, and make sure something like the following is above the [Software\\Wine\\DllOverrides] and [Software\\Wine\\Debug] sections. (The number is just a date. Making all [Software\\Wine\\…] sections have the same number is safe.)

    [Software\\Wine] 1174433005

  8. ch__ says:

    Changing OS version to win2k worked for me. Thanks everyone.

  9. jim burns says:

    Around wine 0.9.42, https: links now seem to work for online banking when the wine version is greater than win98 (tested with win2k), and with WINEDLLOVERRIDES=”crypt32,wintrust=b”. This is good news for ie7.

  10. […] of luck, so its something else I think.  Could this be because DRM (of which WGA is an example) doesn’t really work except to aggrivate honest users?  And Firefox is kicking IE7s ass in terms of adoption rate?  […]