You know how important you are when…

You know how important something you did is when something like this happens. (and I hope this is the only link to this fake site in the entire Internet)

That’s funny. IEs4Linux is a free project, that today, after two years of work, generates some small revenue for me (from Google adsense and spontaneous donations). But its intention was never to make me rich (hello, we’re talking about a small, free and open source project!). And now someone that think that’s better than me (and you, users) try to earn money without doing anything.

And that’s something that make me proud too. This project grew a lot since 2004. Many people use it. Many people support it. Many companies use it in a daily base. It’s something nice that I did and many people like!

When I created the name “IEs4Linux” I searched for it on Google to make sure it was unique. And I keep tracking how many Sites talk about it since them (I remember a blog post about our first hundred references on Google 🙂 ). Today you get 281 thousand references. It’s amazing! And some people try to get easy money from that success…

Anyway, I never wanted to register I was postponing registering until today (I never thought it’s a big thing having an exclusive domain). So, is ours now to avoid some other name hijacking…


Changing the subject: I know I’m very late with our new beta version. I had many things to do these days but I’m already finishing beta 6. I fixed many bugs you said before, introduced some new features (like an IE7 proxy configuration workaround), but it’s not finished yet. I’ll try to release beta6 asap 🙂

Let me answer some comments from beta5 post (that’s closed for new comments):

– Jim: ‘wineserver -w’ simply does not work here (Ubuntu). I know that ‘killall wine’… maybe a future version should keep pids and kill only that pids

– mbvlist: Correct me if I’m wrong, but I guess IE Developer Toolbar Beta 3 is for Windows XP. Since IEs4Linux uses Win98 for IE6, it may cause some bugs. By the way, should we start to install IE6 using a WinXP bottle (like IE7)? Or should we keep IE6 running in 98?

– mbvlist: About select infinite z-index bug. I made a very simple test case with the technique that I normally use. And IEs4Linux renders everything correctly. See this.

– Zero: could you send to me the output of the following commands? ‘echo $LANG’ and ‘locale’.  I’m very worried about IEs4Linux localization in 2.5. We didn’t have any problem before because IEs4Linux 2.0 is 100% terminal. I’m still trying to figure out a way to handle all those localizations without problems…

2 Responses to “You know how important you are when…”

  1. jim burns says:

    Tracking pids would work. Using an XP bottle is a bad idea at this point in wine’s development, much as I would prefer it if it worked. The https: links not working seems to be related to win2k/xp version bottles. Annoying, since I have a site (movielink) that requires win2k or better and https:. There may be other problems, like ole embedding of WMP, though Quicktime works well. (Different dll load sequence – WMP loads actxprxy.dll, and Quicktime loads iepeers.dll.)

  2. Glad to see IE7 support is coming, keep up the good work. Once we ship wine-doors hopefully you’ll get even more donations to keep you going. You’re a saviour to Linux web developers 😉