IEs4Linux 2.5 Beta 6

Hi everyone! Here is beta 6. This release fixes some important bugs and adds some final features.


  • New: Kommander GUI finished (advanced dialog)
  • New: IE7 proxy configuration hack (see below)
  • Improved: download output
  • Improved: other programs should find IE now (as Jim suggested here)
  • Improved: all temp files now go to ~/.ies4linux/tmp to avoid complications
  • Other bug fixes (1, 2, 3, 4)

About IE7 proxy configuration hack

The problem: since IE7 is not currently supported by Wine, IEs4Linux does a very dirty installation. We use IE6 user interface and replace its rendering engine with IE7’s one. This cause a problem: we can’t open some dialogs like javascript:alert, or Find (Ctrl+F) or Internet Options. The most annoying effect is that users can’t configure proxy settings.

The hack: as noted many times by Jim Burns, we can “pause” installation before installing IE7, launch IE6, configure proxy, and continue with the installation. So, this is now an “official hack” 😀

Here is what you have to do:

  • Run IEs4Linux with this flag enabled: ./ies4linux --hack-ie7-proxy-settings
  • After IE6 is installed, it will open. Go to Internet Options dialog and configure your proxy
  • Close IE6 and IE7 installation should proceed
  • Final step: comment here what you think about his hack and if it worked for you

And just a final note: the command-line option is large to remember everybody that this is a hack. 😛
About programs translations

I updated our online translation system, so all translations need upgrades (guys, I promise no more major updates to translations soon 😛 ).

But, as I said before, my main concern now is how these localizations are being displayed in so different languages and encodings. I’m testing everything here in my Ubuntu Edgy box but I think some of you may have problems (specially those that don’t use UTF8).

So, I need feedback on this. Please tell me if IEs4Linux user interface works well in your language. If it does not work, run: ./ies4linux --no-localization. This will force an English interface.

I guess some locales like Hebrew will simply not work… but I need feedback 🙂

Final comments

– I need feedback about Menu and Desktop icons installed using xdg-utils. Is this working? [Wine WWN-Issue 321 has an interesting discussion about this]

– In the past I was using the ‘source’ command to import files (and we had some compatibility issues). Now I use the ‘period operator’. Did this fix compatibility problems? (OSX has this operator? other shells?)

– Also WWN-322 has a mention to ‘ies4linux’ when talking about IE Developer Toolbar Beta 3. I think this is the first “official” mention to ies4linux on 🙂

РThanks to translators: Eugene Schava, lebinh, Milan Cvejic, fondacio, Roque Pinel, lotko, Thomas Bj̦rklund, Peter, Edo Jerkovic, Zekonology.

48 Responses to “IEs4Linux 2.5 Beta 6”

  1. EaStErDoM says:

    Installation of IE6 worked fine with the stable package, but if i run this release, installation does nothing, it always shoes the shorthelp as if i run it with wrong options.

  2. jim burns says:

    Slopes – “–hack-ie7-proxy-settings” – hahahaha

    EaStErDoM – Does it work with the “–no-gui” option? Maybe you don’t have pygtk or kommander? If you do have them, what distro are you using?

  3. frits says:

    Installation of ie6 and ie7 worked fine. Only some wine issues paused the install process.
    I had one problem with ie7: “tools” > “internet options” gives an erro that I cannot change the setting and need to contact the administrator.

  4. frits says:

    I think I understand the hack now:
    during the install process the user configures ie6, and these registry setting are used for ie7.
    Am I correct?

  5. slopes says:

    frits, that’s right!

  6. sean says:

    My old IE6 stopped working after upgrading Wine to the latest version (0.9.31), so I re-installed it with this beta 6 version and it’s working fine again.

    I like the new site design.

  7. Pascal says:

    During install, after I set up the proxy in IE 6 and close it, this is what I get:
    $ ./ies4linux --hack-ie7-proxy-settings
    GTK Accessibility Module initialized
    /home/pp/Desktop/ies4linux-2.5beta6/ui/pygtk/ GtkWarning: Invalid text buffer iterator: either the iterator is uninitialized, or the characters/pixbufs/widgets in the buffer have been modified since the iterator was created.
    You must use marks, character numbers, or line numbers to preserve a position across buffer modifications.
    You can apply tags and insert marks without invalidating your iterators,
    but any mutation that affects 'indexable' buffer contents (contents that can be referred to by character offset)
    will invalidate all outstanding iterators
    ui/pygtk/ line 6: 15717 Segmentation fault (core dumped) python "$IES4LINUX"/ui/pygtk/

    I then installed it with the “–no-gui” option and it succeeded, but IE 7 seems to not have gotten the proxy settings, it can’t load webpages. IE 6 can, though, and IE 7 is able to access and display local sites. I tried a third install, which failed three times due to various errors and finally succeeded, but I am still unable to access the www.
    I discovered that Popup-Menus ( tags) don’t work in this IE 7, is that correct?

    Ubuntu 6.10, up-to-date, wine 0.9.22

  8. vecernik says:

    well, ie7 runs with beta6, but browser doesn’t remember any cookies (and session). Content of password form fields are autocompleted and unvisible, but sending new value causes autocompeted value is appended to new value.
    “Inet Options” are disabled due to “restrictions”.
    Is it possible to fix this in registers?

    Ubuntu Edgy64, wine-0.9.31

  9. Leon says:

    I am new to this linux and would like to know how to install AVG on it and it seems all my games want enternet explorer to run I am sick of all the garbage that Microsoft give me would love to have linux working right anybody help me please…Thanks

  10. Chetan says:

    I installed ie6 using this version of ies4linux on debian etch wine-0.9.25-1

    When i go to
    Tools->Internet Options->Security->Custom Level
    I find that the Settings box is empty. This box contains various settings (the ActiveX settings are what i needed) on the IE6 on WinXP. Is this a know problem. I searched the forums and found nothing much.

  11. vroman says:

    Script is not working the ./ies4linux command and what i returns at the end.. Let me know if you have more feeback

    ./ies4linux –hack-ie7-proxy-settings

    This script downloads and automagically installs multiple versions of
    Microsoft Internet Explorer on Wine.

    Without any option, IEs4Linux will:
    – install IE6
    – install Adobe Flash 9
    – create icons on Desktop and Menu
    – use folder: /home/administrator/.ies4linux

    You can configure other things:

    –install-ie55 Install IE5.5 in BASEDIR/ie55/
    –install-ie5 Install IE5 in BASEDIR/ie5/

    –no-flash Don’t install Adobe Flash Player 9
    –no-ie6 Don’t install IE 6

    –no-desktop-icon Don’t create an icon in Desktop
    –no-menu-icon Don’t insert icon on Menu

    –full-help Display all possible options


  12. vroman says:

    My Company does not use a proxy.. Now what..?

  13. nb says:

    I installed ie7 with the hack, but it’s not working. ie6 is working.
    I see some dialog does not appear (find, about, …) should be possible the dialog that ask user and password for the proxy can’t be displayed?
    Is there an option to run ie7 (wine) on debug mode to see possible errors on console?

    I’m on Gentoo using wine-0.9.29

  14. chavo says:

    Installed and working great. The menu icons showed up in my KDE menus under internet, so no problem there. I’m running kubuntu but with a self compile KDE. I will test on my regualr kubuntu box shortly.

  15. André de Castro Zorzo says:

    how to permit cookies? It seems not active on ie7?

  16. anna says:

    Dude, you’re my hero. I’m running the latest script right now. Even if ie7 doesn’t play nice on my system I still wanted to say thanks for the awesome work!

  17. […] IEs4linux是一个提供在linux平台上使用微软IE浏览器的软件,目前IEs4linux可以支持到最新版本的IE7。但是因为目前的Wine并不支持IE7,所以要想在自己的linux系统上使用IE7还是需要特殊措施的,这里有安装说明。 […]

  18. quixote says:

    Looking through the blog comments and discussion, I seem to be the only person with this problem, but … anybody know what’s wrong?: Once I start installing (./ies4linux), and the script goes to, it tells me it can’t resolve the host.

    Why not? I have access to the web from browser or command line (eg wget), so I don’t think it’s me. Has Microsoft taken all those files down?

    Hope you guys can give me some hints.

  19. If you experiment problem with ies4linux like vroman says at top, check that Kommander is install on your distro 😀

  20. Magus says:

    great work!

  21. Mark Pinto says:

    Error with Debian SID:

    markybob@peg:~/ies4linux-2.5beta6$ ./ies4linux
    /home/markybob/ies4linux-2.5beta6/ui/pygtk/ GtkWarning: Invalid text buffer iterator: either the iterator is uninitialized, or the characters/pixbufs/widgets in the buffer have been modified since the iterator was created.
    You must use marks, character numbers, or line numbers to preserve a position across buffer modifications.
    You can apply tags and insert marks without invalidating your iterators,
    but any mutation that affects ‘indexable’ buffer contents (contents that can be referred to by character offset)
    will invalidate all outstanding iterators
    ui/pygtk/ line 6: 5195 Segmentation fault python “$IES4LINUX”/ui/pygtk/

  22. nirmv says:

    Hey, similar problem here.
    Segmentation fault on Ubuntu Feisty fresh install updated 3/15:

    nireut@nireut-desktop:~/ies4linux-2.5beta6$ ./ies4linux
    /home/nireut/ies4linux-2.5beta6/ui/pygtk/ GtkWarning: gtk_text_layout_real_invalidate: assertion `layout->wrap_loop_count == 0′ failed
    self.textbuffer.insert_with_tags(self.textbuffer.get_end_iter(), line, tag)
    /home/nireut/ies4linux-2.5beta6/ui/pygtk/ PangoWarning: pango_layout_get_iter: assertion `PANGO_IS_LAYOUT (layout)’ failed
    ui/pygtk/ line 6: 8477 Segmentation fault (core dumped) python “$IES4LINUX”/ui/pygtk/

  23. Ram says:

    I don’t require a proxy ( i directly connect to internet). How can i install ie7?


  24. Willem says:

    @Ram, I was confused not to see the option as well, but it is in the ‘Advanced’ section. So hen you push the advanced button, you can select IE7.

  25. jim burns says:

    I finally got around to reading the source. Nice bug fixes. Some niggling ones remain:

    1) In getFileSize() you have ???:

    wc ‘-c’ “$1″

    2) at the end of the kommander install, I got:

    rm: cannot remove `/home/jimb/.ies4linux/tmp/dialog.kmdr’: No such file or directory
    rm: cannot remove `/home/jimb/.ies4linux/tmp/dialog.kmdr2′: No such file or directory

    Maybe use ‘rm -f …’ at end of

    3) I am also still getting:

    kbuildsycoca: WARNING: Parse error in /home/jimb/.config/menus/applications-merged/, line 1, col 1: unexpected end of file

    due to a 0 length .menu file

    4) In ies4linux-2.5beta6/ies4linux, you have the lines:

    elif [ “$PREFERRED_GUI” = “terminal” ]; then
    bash ui/

    but there is no ui/, and you never set PREFERRED_GUI to terminal – planned but unimplemented feature?

    5) In ‘ie6’s Tools -> Internet Options… -> Security -> Custom Level, the choices in the dialog box come up blank. Makes it difficult to use ‘–hack-ie7-proxy-settings’ for relaxing ActiveX options.

    6) Setting your home page in ‘Internet Options’ is useless during the ‘–hack’ since you call ‘install_home_page()’ after the hack in the ie7 install. The simple fix for the end user, if they desire it, is to override the local url variable in function get_start_page in, after the if statement that tacks on the ‘firstrun’ option.

    7) The ‘ie7’ bugs remain the same (see ), with the addition that, as has been previously reported by others, cookies don’t work, which makes logging in to user accounts impossible, even if https: links worked.

    On the https: front, there is a workaround that works since wine 0.9.27 – if you are using a wine version bottle of ‘win2k’ or ‘winxp’, set the dlloverrides:


    This doesn’t work reliably for online banking, but usually works for user account signons, like Yahoo!, so long as you have cookies working. This was tested with ‘ie6’ with a ‘winxp’ bottle, so the cookie problem is restricted to ‘ie7’.

  26. jim burns says:

    Pascal, Vroman – Your posts suggest that you think that ‘–hack-ie7-proxy-settings’ automatically turns on an ie7 install – it doesn’t. You still have to select ie7 in the advanced section of the gui, or add the ‘–beta-install-ie7’ to the command line. (‘–install-ie7’ also works.)

    Nb – run the command as ‘DEBUG=true ie7’ to get wine’s error output.

    Quixote – try again. The servers are occasionally overloaded or down. (For me, 8am EST is worst.)

  27. quixote says:

    Jim burns: Oh. That never occurred to me (stupid face here….). Will do.

  28. jim burns says:

    Slopes – I did a simplistic regression test and found out that the “Security -> Custom Level” choices were visible in ies4linux-2.1beta3 and disappeared in ies4linux-2.5beta1. Then I diff-ed ies4linux-$version/winereg/ie6.reg, and what jumped out at me was the section [Software\\Microsoft\\Windows\\CurrentVersion\\Internet Settings] was largely missing, so I extracted that section, minus [Software\\Microsoft\\Windows\\CurrentVersion\\Internet Settings\\ZoneMap & Zones], put it in a .reg file and ran it thru ‘regedit’ in my beta6 ie6 install, and my Security options were visible again.

    I then did a fresh install of ie7 in beta6 with the ‘–hack’ so I could set all my ActiveX settings to ‘enable’, and sure enough I got past the ActiveX warnings on movielink (but then ran smack into a cookie warning 🙂 There may be other registry sections you dropped between 2.1beta3 and 2.5beta1 that may be of interest.

  29. Dotan Cohen says:

    Hebrew does work. The installation is in Hebrew, and IE comes out in Hebrew. There are problems typing in Hebrew in IE under wine, but that’s not an IE4Linux problem. Also, I think that I saw on the wine list that someone figured out a solution.

  30. slopes says:

    Some comments:

    1) (not so) Many people are reporting problems with our pygtk installer, specially with the “console” window. So I decided to remove that and use a regular terminal as with Kommander installer. This will also make ies4linux compatible with python 2.3 as someone pointed before.

    2) I’ll investigate these cookies issues in ie7. But as everything about wine+ie7, don’t expect too much 🙂

    3) Lately some people had problems when downloading from and I’ve no idea why. I don’t know if MS is blocking us or if the site simply goes down sometimes. Anyway, next version will include IE User-Agent to wget downloads and we’ll see if that fixes the problem.

    4) And Jim, thanks for all your very useful comments! Here are answers to some things you said:

    [1] oops 🙂 seems like an accidental copy/paste when testing hebrew sites

    [2] I’ll fix that

    [3] Do you have any idea why this happens? We use XdgUtils… it should work 🙂

    [4] Planned pure terminal gui, like ncurses or something. I don’t know yet if it will be possible 😉

    [5] When I removed those lines from registry I didn’t see this bug. I removed them so IE use default values and that annoying ActiveX Security problem just disappeared. I’ll see what to do with this…
    I’ll make a full comparison with old registries to see what was dropped and see if any of those registries can fix something…

    [6] Good point 🙂

    [7] Good tips about dlloverrides. Maybe we can fix https now. For cookies, I’ll try to figure out if we have a solution.

    5) Dotan, if you get a solution to Hebrew, please tell me

    That’s it 🙂

  31. jim burns says:

    3) I’m sure there is something odd about some lines I added to the Kmenu a long time ago that xdg did not anticipate – I’m sure xdg is still a work in progress. If you could add checks for some common errors, like zero length output files, that would add some peace of mind 🙂

    5) Pay particular attention to the sections [Software\\Microsoft\\Windows\\CurrentVersion\\Internet Settings\\SO & SOIEAK], which seem to have the option definitions, and […\\TemplatePolicies], which seem to have the defaults.

  32. when release for ie7 says:

    rencently, i can’t use ie4linux to install ie at all, hope the next one could resolve it.

  33. noskule says:

    like EaStErDoM said. The same with my installation. Just shows the shorthelp, running kubuntu edgy

  34. Bruno says:

    Workd just fine for me on Ubuntu Edgy.

  35. jim burns says:

    when release for ie7, noskule – does it work as ‘ies4linux –no-gui’ ?

  36. noskule says:

    hi jim burns, ies4linux –no-gui does the trick, thanks.

  37. jim burns says:

    Noskule – Ok, that means that ies4linux is not detecting the absence of python and kommander properly. Please let us know what distro & version you are using, and the output of the commands ‘python -V’ and ‘kmdr-executor -v’. Then if they both return ‘command not found’ or the like, go and install one or both of pygtk and kommander. Note, pygtk is called python-gtk on SuSE. The pygtk gui should work for python versions 2.4 & 2.5.

  38. jim burns says:

    Slopes – I understand now why some people in this thread are complaining that they are just getting a short help, and no further diagnostics. If the ‘ies4linux’ command can’t find a gui package, it ends up executing:

    ./ies4linux –help

    but the actual error message in the lang files is ‘MSG_ERROR_NO_GUI_AVAILABLE’, so the warning is blank. Also, perhaps you should just execute a no gui run is you can’t find a gui.

  39. Roky says:


    after latest update from Ubuntu (i remember there was smt with Wine too) i can’t start IE (whatever version) normally. If i run it it crashed my X server, before update everything was working well.

    Any idea? Thank you.

  40. Roky says:

    I’ve also tried re-installing the whole thing, but when installer gets to creating wine prefix or smt like that, my desktop crashes.

  41. Bug: When is down and flash player is selected the whole thing freezes to the state it has to be core dumped with that ctrl + \ or | thingy.

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  45. IE7 on Wine? says:

    […] IEs 4 Linux News IEs4Linux 2.5 Beta 6 try this May not be exactly what you want but worth looking at. […]

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