Easy program translations

I will launch a new IEs4Linux version very soon. It will include a GUI and some other features. The main problem with this new version will be translations. We will need to update all translations, 36 today. To help me update all this files and to make this process easy for people that want to help me, I created a very easy interface to program translation.

If you can help, it will take only a few minutes. You enter here, select your locale and fill the form with translated messages (also fill your name and security word on top).Also, that page shows, locale by locale, a percentage indicating how much we need to do to complete that translation.

So, if you like this project, take 5 minutes and complete the translation to your locale. Thanks!

4 Responses to “Easy program translations”

  1. Davide Carini says:

    I have a question: since many people can submit their translation for the same language, which criteria do you use to decide which one to keep?
    BTW, for my translation I followed the guidelines of Mozilla Italia, the official Italian team responsible for the localization of Mozilla products: .

  2. dapuzz says:

    Just a little bug:
    lib/functions.sh: line 54: 2: command not found
    Something related to iconv, i think, there is a way to get more debug infos?

    Ies4Linux 2.5b1 on Slackware 11.
    If you need more info please contact me via email.

  3. dapuzz says:

    Sorry, you can delete my last 2 comments. This is not the right place

  4. slopes says:

    Davide: we had this problem before. I asked people to post on forum. With this new system, translations are updated when they’re saved. So I think we don’t have that problem anymore.

    dapuzz: It will be fixed on Beta 2. Thanks.