IEs4Linux 2.5 First Beta

There was a long time since we released our last version. Since then, I made a lot of changes. I changed so many things that I decided to abandon that 2.1 release and name our new version as 2.5. I tested everything on Ubuntu and Gentoo, but I need a few feedback from you before launching it as final.

So, get it IEs4Linux 2.5 beta 1 now. Extract it and double click the installer executable (or, open a terminal and run ./installer). This program will open a GUI written in Python. You still can run IEs4Linux purely on terminal, using the ies4linux executable (all options should be passed on command-line, see ies4linux –help).

Full Changelog:

  • ies4linux executable is command-line only
  • New User Interface (PyGtk) – run ./installer
  • Downloads now are checked with MD5 to detect file corruption (thanks to Mathieu Bonnet for the suggestion)
  • New download interface (much cleaner)
  • New startpage, based on user location
  • New location detection (try $LANG and ‘locale’)
  • Fixed problem with security properties that used to block ActiveX
  • Removed RICHED patch
  • Changed ActiveX from MFC40 to MFC42
  • Better code, refactored and improved
  • ie6.reg cleanup
  • New Debug to help developers
  • New translation system

Some comments:

  • I decided to make IEs4Linux completely runnable using command-line options after talking to Karl Lattimer from Wine Doors. It will help other projects (like Wine Doors) that want to embed ies4linux.
  • To the final user, I decided to provide only a GUI (no questions on terminal anymore), but a very easy GUI (without those Next->Next->…Finish, only a simple dialog).
  • I need help for translations again. This version introduced a lot of new messages that need to be localized. If you can help, please see this.

So, download this version and help me testing all those new features. I need a lot of feedback!
A very special thank to people that already helped with translations: Akos Keresztes, Gregor Gorjanc, Michal Čihař, Ben Colon, Krzysztof Cieślawski, Ivan Campaña, Davide Carini, Alex, Jorge Miró, Patrick, Osman S Borutecene and Amos Shapira.
For people that don’t have pygtk installed: I plan a pyqt version of our interface too. Just wait a few more days.

23 Responses to “IEs4Linux 2.5 First Beta”

  1. Elez J. Shenhar says:

    There are a lot of problems with this version.
    check out
    it’s in hebrew and the hebrew’s backwards. also, you can’t log in cuz a weird empty screen shown up.

  2. MJR/slef says:

    I get errors when running and the help message seems wrong (see below). I don’t have PyGtk or PyQt installed (and don’t intend to install them ever). The download interface is part-translated, a mix of EO and EN.

    ; ./installer
    lib/ line 54: 2: command not found

    lib/ line 54: 2: command not found

    Usage: ./ies4linux [OPTIONS]

    […help message…]

    –beta–install-ie7 Install Internet Explorer 7 (BETA INSTALLER!)

    ; ./ies4linux –no-flash –no-icon –downloaddir /tmp/ie6 –beta–install-ie7
    lib/ line 54: 2: command not found
    Error: unknown option “–beta–install-ie7”
    run “./ies4linux –help” for more info

  3. slopes says:

    MJR/slef: Thanks for your feedback!

    Translations are not finished yet. EO still is 43% finished (if you can help, go here

    What distro do you use? I need to make a User Interface that most people can use. I think most distros include pyGtk or pyQt.

    And about those errors, seems that you are not using the correct dash. Try:
    ./ies4linux --no-flash --no-icon --downloaddir /tmp/ie6 --beta-install-ie7

  4. Crash says:

    You misstyped –beta-install-ie7 in –help, I first thought it were –beta–install-ie7 too.
    I’ve got also this error: lib/ line 54: 2: command not found (./installer, no GUI, I’m on Slackware)

    The installation runs fine, after two files were corrupted, may be usefull, when the setup whould try to download the file again.

  5. slopes says:

    Hi Crash!

    You’re right, help is wrong 😛 And that line 54 in had an error too.
    I fixed both, next version will come without those errors.

    About GUI, Slackware includes some default graphical lib for python? Such as pygtk or pyqt? Maybe Tk?

    I though many distros included pygtk by default. I guess I wrong 🙁

  6. jim burns says:

    Just a summary of problems with thus latest version:

    In the gui: Still can’t get ‘cancel’ to work in the options screen of the gui. Slick progress box, though!

    –beta-install-ie7: Still can’t get into Tools -> Internet Options. Still getting import_dll errors about not finding ieframe.dll & rasdlg.dll. Since they were not unpacked into ~/.ies4linux/tmp, I assume you need to get them from your windows xp partition.

    Nice reorganization of the code.

  7. jim burns says:

    More info on the gui ‘cancel’ problem: It’s not as bad as it was, where it deleted all my user files in /tmp because of uninitialized vars. Now, it is just hanging, and has to be killed.

  8. Crash says:

    Nope. Slackware doesn’t come with pygtk/pyqt. But I think most Slackware users will have those packages installed, so don’t worry about.

  9. suse101+kde says:

    3 Things:

    1. Everbybody who is able to install wine can also install pygtk/qt

    2. Can you write a script for installing just flash and gecko-html/gecko-activeX,
    which only sets the nessesary DLLs native?

    3. Could you integrate Windows Media Player(Plug-in), too? – Version 6.4 ran flawlessly, didn´t test the Plug-in. Version 9 would also be a good idea.

    So far: Thanks for you work, keep up!

  10. Roner says:

    Tried the new beta on my Intel iMac with wine 0.9.25. the ./ies4linux command does not get far: first of all, the “du” command in Darwin does not accept the -b flag (I think it defaults to bytes). I removed the flag from Got stuck immediately afterwards when trying to download DCOM98:
    “An error ocurred when downloading. Please run IEs4Linux again. Corrupted file: DCOM98.EXE”

    I got ies4linux working nicely with an old beta 7…

  11. dapuzz says:

    It wuold be better redirect stderr to dev null in lib/
    if which ie$1
    Some error messages can take the noobz this is an important message, and not all has gone ok.

  12. jim burns says:

    Roner –

    Since slopes hasn’t answered yet, I’m going to take a stab at this, since I’ve had trouble with the ‘-b’ flag also. That flag, and the new ~/ies4linux-2.5beta1/lib/files table make the download process VERY sensitive to the exact file size. In my case, I use links to point to previously downloaded files, and the ‘-b’ was returning the size of the link. I had to change the 2nd occurrence in download() to ‘-bL’. In your case, do an ‘ls -alF ~/.ies4linux/downloads’ and compare the size of DCOM98.EXE to the output of ‘grep DCOM ies4linux-2.5beta1/lib/files’. Maybe Darwin reports sizes differently by default, but some flag to ‘du’ or ‘ls’ will give you the size that matches the long directory listing. Eg – you can change line 101 of ies4linux-2.5beta1/lib/ from

    size=$(du -bL “$DOWNLOADDIR/$DIR$FILENAME”| awk ‘{print $1}’) to

    size=$(ls -alF “$DOWNLOADDIR/$DIR$FILENAME”| awk ‘{print $5}’)

    and something similar for line 89. Unfortunately, I suspect that the field number ($5 above) will change from distro to distro.

    The only other option is to edit all the size fields in ies4linux-2.5beta1/lib/files to make the size test happy. Tedious, and could possibly lead to needing to change the md5s also. Good luck.

  13. slopes says:

    Jim: ieframe.dll is extracted, rasdlg.dll isn’t. But if we include rasdlg (and rasman.dll) ie7 crashes when we try to open the Option dialog.
    About the cancel button: I think I fixed it now, but there is a delay before everything ends. It seems that killing process is not as fast as we want 🙂

    suse101+kde: Maybe windows media player would be a good idea for the future.

    Roner: Thanks for your feedback on Darwin. I will try to fix this.

    dapuzz: Good idea 🙂

    Jim (last message): this “ls -alF” seems to be ok. And I guess it will be ok.
    Next version will come with this option instead of du -b

    Thank you guys!

  14. jim burns says:

    Thanx for the reply, slopes. However, I just grepped your source for ieframe and got nothing. I wouldn’t be getting import_dll errors if it had been installed, nor is it in ~/.ies4linux/ie7/drive_c/windows/system32/ (though I do see it in ~/.ies4linux/tmp). Also, copying over ieframe.dll to system32 corrects the problem (and for some mysterious reason, the rasdlg problem too, so I never tested copying over rasdlg.dll). Maybe you mean you corrected this in your next version? Thanx.

  15. jim burns says:

    And could you define ‘there is a delay before everything ends’? I hit ‘cancel’ immediately after starting the gui, and 14mins later, it’s still hung. Maybe SuSE pygtk is broken?

  16. jim burns says:

    I left ‘cancel’ going all night long 10+ hours. SuSE + fedora now.

  17. momo says:

    I tried ies4linux-2.5beta1. It seems to depend on python 2.4, but 2.3 is my default.
    Because of this, the programme failed to start.

  18. jim burns says:

    Interesting point, momo. Here’s my versions:

    fedora: python-2.4.4-1.fc6, pygtk2-2.10.3-3.fc6
    SuSE 10.2: python-2.5-19, python-gtk-2.10.3-11

  19. Erick Wilder says:

    I have experienced the same problems as the other users. Nice work!

  20. Martin Gürsch says:

    I need to use an IE > 5.5 (especially the DHTML-plugin of it) to run my CityDesk (FogCreek), what gives me on a pure wine the errormessages on startup:
    Microsoft XML 3 is not installed correctly
    DHTMLEdit is not registered correctly

    As i have seen in the older ies4linux the installation is an external outside of the normal .wine “sandbox” and i have no access to such missed libraries.

    How can i fix that cludge ?
    System: Ubuntu 6.10

    Thanks for reading.

  21. Nirro says:

    I have the same problem as Elez J. Shenhar (the first comment).

    Hebrew sites don’t work with this version. This is a regression versus the stable version of ies4linux.
    It appears that during the first page you want to load in Hebrew, IE tries to install the support for Hebrew, it opens a new window that remains empty and stuck everything.

    I’m using wine0.9.27, and Ubuntu Feisty.

  22. slopes says:

    Some answers:

    jim: ieframe.dll will be on 2.5beta2
    jim: Here, delay means 2 or 3 seconds 🙂

    momo/jim: Is python 2.4 too new? Maybe someone could help me make this work with python 2.3?

    martin: Do you have any URL to test this problem?

    nirro: IE installation using Hebrew locale completes without problems? The problem is when you visit some Hebrew site, right?

  23. Nirro says:


    About the Hebrew locale. It completes Ok, but in the line with the “File Edit View History…” you see ??? instead of letters.
    This is fixed if I add this line to the launcher script :
    export LANG=he_IL.UTF-8

    But the real problem is when you visit the first Hebrew site. After that you are stuck.