IE7 is coming to IEs 4 Linux: 2.1 beta2 released

This beta is the first one to include IE7 support. Download it now. To test this, run the ies4linux executable with –beta-install-ie7 command-line option.

The install procedure is basically the same idea I posted about RC1, but better. I included some other things and made some registry corrections (conditional comments works now).

The main problem today, that some people noted is that gif images do not work properly (they are black). Also, there is a problem with https. And it seems to crash a lot (including when visiting IEs4Linux website ;-).

Remeber that IEs4Linux currently only install IE7 engine, that is why the window looks like IE6. But is is IE7 😉 If you have any idea to improve IEs4Linux IE7 support, please email me. This installation process still is very beta and needs huge improvements.

If you like this project and appreciate all this hard work, please consider a contribution. Thanks!

The procedure is all automatic, but remember that you must own a valid Windows License. This beta also includes the GUI written in PyGTK as default.

11 Responses to “IE7 is coming to IEs 4 Linux: 2.1 beta2 released”

  1. Crash says:


    IE7 started one time, not it crashes right after start-up. Seems I’ve to wait until the support gets better. 😉

    But after all, thanks for your work!

  2. dapuzz says:

    The correct option is with two minus “-–beta-install-ie7”
    Please correct lib/ to redirect stdout to /dev/null instead than dev/null 🙂


  3. Crash says:

    “[…](conditional comments works now)[…]”

    They do, but IE7 doesn’t identify itself as IE 7, or did I something wrong?

    Which Version of IE7 it is? RC1, RC2, RC3 or the final version?

  4. jim burns says:

    I echo dapuzz’s report on ‘dev/null’. In addition, msvcrt/msvcrt40 need to be set to builtin. (Is ie7.reg not being applied?)

    Got a few ‘err:module:import_dll … not found’ reports for IEFRAME.dll & RASDLG.dll, and I couldn’t paste text into the url box:

    err:clipboard:X11DRV_CLIPBOARD_RenderFormat Failed to cache clipboard data owned by another process. Format=13

    It’s got some rendering problems – I had to hit refresh every time I paged down.

    Trying to call up ie7’s iexplore.exe from my WinXP partition (with your WINEPREFIX) resulted in:

    wine: Call from 0x402da6 to unimplemented function KERNEL32.dll.HeapSetInformation, aborting

    so I expect wine has a way to go before it can fully support ie7.

    All in all, though, nice work.

  5. jim burns says:

    Re-running the install so that ie7.reg gets applied made the clipboard pasting and rendering work properly.

  6. jim burns says:

    The ‘err:module:import_dll’ problems came up when I tried to click on Tools -> Internet Options.

  7. Pascal says:

    Installs fine (though claims that –beta-gui is unknown) and even runs. However, if I try to access the “Internet Options” where I need to set my proxies, it tells me that this option has “cancelled due to restrictions in effect on this computer”.

  8. FrankB says:

    When I tried to get to “internet options” to set my proxies I got nothing. No errors, no windows. Nothing.

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  10. miko pauster says:

    when I wanna install ie7 or ie6 there is a dialog tells “Unhandled page fault on read access….”

    ==>(wait a long time and no response, so I press Ctrl+c)
    wine: Unhandled page fault on read access to 0x65736172 at address 0x65736172 (thread 019a), starting debugger…
    err:seh:raise_exception Unhandled exception code c0000005 flags 0 addr 0xc44b0

    my machine is gentoo 2.6.17 and wine 0.9.23

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