What about IE7?

Today (October 18) MS released IE7 final for Windows XP SP2. Many people are asking me about IEs4Linux support. I’m working on IE7 now to support at least its engine on Linux. As soon as I get more concrete results I will tell you.

Last weeks, IEs4Linux got many attention all over the world. Many users are interested on this project, because they (unfortunatelly) need IE. I’m working hard to make IEs4Linux better each day. And IE7 is a very big priority. So, wait a few more days 😉

And if you would like to support this project and all this research, please consider a contribution.

Also, last days IEs4Linux 2.0.5 was released. Changelog:

  • Changed cp -r to cp -PR to be compatible with FreeBSD (thanks to Piotr Smyrak)
  • Changed iconv call not trying to discover system encoding
  • Beta GUI updated: please run ./ies4linux –beta-gui

3 Responses to “What about IE7?”

  1. GT500 says:

    Thanks for the hard work, if I had any money, I’d send some your way.

    I’ll be waiting patiently for IE7 support. 😉

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  3. […] Erfreulich ist, dass das Projekt IE4Linux meldet, “mit hoher PrioritĂ€t” daran zu arbeiten, auch die Version 7 des MS-Browser bald fĂŒr Linux verfĂŒgbar zu machen. An dieser Stelle möchten wir die Gelegenheit nutzen, uns bei dem Entwickler der Software zu bedanken, die es nicht nur möglich macht, die neueste Version des Browsers aus Redmond unter Linux auszufĂŒhren, sondern gleich mehre (ab Version 5.0). Die einzelnen Instanzen können sogar parallel nebeneinander laufen – eine wertvolle Hilfe fĂŒr Webentwickler. […]