IEs4Linux 2.0.4 (2.1 beta). Feedback needed

Today I launched 2.0.4 with some improvements. I also included a beta User Interface. It is written in python using pygtk. Please use –beta-gui , test this new feature and let me know what you think.

I plan to include a qt version as soon as we finish this gtk version. And after everything is ok, it will be released as 2.1 with GUI enabled by default.

Download IEs4Linux 2.0.4 here.
Also, see this screenshot of our new installer.

New stuff:

  • Beta: Graphical installer written in python+pygtk (use –beta-gui to test)
  • New translations: Latvian (thanks to Girts Strazdins), Bahasa Melayu (thanks to ReaLSyLo) and Indonesian (thanks to Teguh as)
  • Updated translations: Catalan (thanks to Pere Barceló) and Finish
  • New command-line option: –no-color

And thanks for everyone that is helping this project. Last weeks we had a very huge traffic after some important sites had linked here. I’m trying to answer to most mail and forum topics 🙂

10 Responses to “IEs4Linux 2.0.4 (2.1 beta). Feedback needed”

  1. jim burns says:

    What packages do you need installed for the beta gui to display? It cranked for a few seconds after I started it, and then exited.

  2. jim burns says:

    Ok – a little more digging around: On Fedora, its called pygtk2, but on SuSE, its called python-gtk. Both install similar files in /usr/lib/{pygtk/2.0,python2.4}. My test was on SuSE – no gui came up.

  3. jim burns says:

    More digging – I removed the redirect to /dev/null in the python statement in ~/ies4linux/lib/, and got this output:

    jimb@ 10/07/06 3:01AM:~
    [1014] > ies4linux-2.0.4/ies4linux –beta-gui
    Traceback (most recent call last):
    File “/home/jimb/ies4linux-2.0.4/ui/”, line 37, in ?
    File “/home/jimb/ies4linux-2.0.4/ui/”, line 9, in main
    File “/home/jimb/ies4linux-2.0.4/ui/”, line 24, in init
    self.logoImg = gtk.gdk.pixbuf_new_from_file(self.logoFile)
    gobject.GError: Couldn’t recognize the image file format for file ‘lib/ies4linux.svg’
    jimb@ 10/07/06 3:01AM:~
    [1015] >

  4. burzum says:

    When is IE7 coming? I need it for my work 🙁

    I dislike the idea of installing it on WinXP and i would have to reboot for testing.

  5. slopes says:

    jim: it seems that pygtk does not work with SVG files on your computer… should we use a png instead?

    burzum: MS announced yesterday that IE7 final will com next month. We have to wait this final release to improve our installation methods.

  6. jim burns says:

    Okay – I think it doesn’t like my text quoting. Try this:

    ## should we use a png instead?

    You probably have access to more systems than I do, either directly, or by feedback. Try providing both .svg & .png files & a GUI option. I say ‘gui’ because the .sh files never had any problem installing that icon.

  7. suse101+kde says:

    What about IE7??
    ##We want IE7!!##

    Who the hack cares about UserInterface?
    And if you really want UI, why not write it with “XDialog”

    It does just the same as the Comsole Questions.You just give it the Options and it renders the UI!!!

  8. jim burns says:

    The gui seems to be working just fine in 2.0.5. I guess the problem was that extra ‘shift 1’ you removed when processing ‘–beta-gui’. You can make the gui the default as far as I’m concerned. Thanx.

  9. lahtis says:

    My test was on Fedora Core 5 – no gui came up. And script version are 2.0.5
    But thanks…

  10. audio-mobster says:

    The index.html of my apache is black and white with ie7. The filter for the file extensions in the file open dialog of ie7 is mixed up.

    By the way, nice work.