Wiki WebSite

I lauhched our new WebSite, now featuring MediaWiki. Many people complained about our old Site (how to manage translations, how to add more content …). I though that our forum was there to help us with all this extra content, but ir never worked (the interface is ugly and all that spam…).

So I decided to install MediaWiki. Tell me what you think (about our new design and about the Wiki itself).

I am now finishing the migration of our old Site (all translations) but I think that we will need people to help to translate some new parts. New users on Wiki are created by me to avoid spam, so if you can help talk to me and I give you an account. (contact me at slopes at gmail dot com)

4 Responses to “Wiki WebSite”

  1. Where is the new site? URI?

  2. But how do I create a new account? After clicking on „Log in / create account“ I only can login, but not create an account.

  3. Hi there, I see you redesigned the MediaWiki page and site format. Did you find that easier than figuring out how to install Internet Explorer ?