Extra! Extra! IE7 running on Linux!

UPDATE: Do not use this method, it’s outdated. Download our latest beta that already include this procedure with lots of improvements. See our blog.


Yes, you heard it right: IE7 is coming to Linux! Nobody in the entire world have done this before, but IEs4Linux team (me) is working hard to make this WebDesigner dream a reality. Last week I said to internetnews.com that IE7 support would be a very hard thing that we would not see on Linux very soon. But I also said that I was working hard to make it possible, and here we are now.

I got IE7 RC1 engine running on Wine 0.9.20 and Ubuntu Dapper. This is some kind of proof-of-concept, barely usable, pre-pre-alpha technique. Don’t expect this to be something 100% ok, but it is a very good hope to us.

See this running with your own eyes. I picked this page from positioniseverything that describe a bug on IE6 (Border Chaos) and that was fixed by MS on IE7. On left you see normal IE6 running with IEs4Linux and on right you see IE7. Note that this is not IE7 user interface; as I said, I got IE7 engine running (this is a very good start).

Remember that IE7 is still on RC1 and this is not the final release. Also note that IE7 RC1 can only be downloaded by people that owns original Windows XP through that Windows Genuine Advantage program (so, don’t expect IEs4Linux downloading IE7 automatically on future versions).

About not using IE7 user interface: I’m working on it, but, again, I don’t know if it is possible. If it is not possible, that is not a problem since what WebDesigners really need is IE engine to test their sites (all that tab, feeds, etc stuff does not matter for testing sites).

Ok, now you ask: “How did you did this?“. This very pre-pre-alpha, unstable and premature method consists of the following steps:

1) Install IE6 using IEs4Linux

2) Download IE7 RC1 for Windows XP

3) Cabextract IE7.exe and copy the following dlls to ~/.ies4linux/ie6/drive_c/windows/system :
wininet iertutil shlwapi urlmon jscript vbscript mshtml mshtmled mshtmler advpack inetcpl.cpl

4) Also get normaliz.dll and inetcplc.dll from your Windows XP SP2 to that folder too

5) Make ~/.ies4linux/ie6 simulate Windows XP instead of Windows 98

update: many people asked, so here it is: run WINEPREFIX=~/.ies4linux/ie6 winecfg and change Windows 98 to Windows XP.
6) Run ie6 executable (that runs IE6 IEXPLORE.EXE)

7) Take screenshots 🙂

Notes: this procedure is pre-pre-alpha! We need to expand this to include more IE7 features. I don’t know yet what works and what does not work.
And I don’t guarantee this will work with you. This is not final!

Last comment: Thanks for all people supporting IEs4Linux with donations. All this research is result of all this support from you guys! Thanks!

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50 Responses to “Extra! Extra! IE7 running on Linux!”

  1. […] El equipo de IEs4Linux se encuentra trabajando para ejecutar IE7 bajo Linux. Además de algunas aplicaciones web que no cumplen con estándares, y los diseñadores web, no puedo pensar en alguna razón para ejecutar IE7 bajo Linux. Aún así es algo impresionante. Si quieren intentarlo pueden ver los pasos involucrados en la página del autor IEs4Linux. Si lo que necesitan son razones para ejecutar IE7, pueden visitar la siguiente página. […]

  2. Arv says:


    I have a question. If you can run ie7.0 with SP2 is there a posibility to run alsao ie6.0 with SP2?

    This is really important thing for webdesigners.


  3. slopes says:

    Hi arv! for webdesigners, what are the differences between ie6sp1 and ie6sp2?

  4. evolutioncv says:

    Hey, i just tested your small tutorial for installing ie7.
    I set up a new folder, called ie7, and made my changes there. It seems to be running just fine, with one expetion:
    The Browser is starting up, and the ie7 engine is definitly running, but only in the upper left corner of my browser window. two thirds of the page get rendered normally, the rest gets truncated or at least not updated. When resizing the browser-window, the “normal-acting” area is growing with it, but one third (horizontally and vetically) is still missing 🙁
    Do you have any idea by what this could be casued? maybe you got the same problem, an just didnt mentioned it…
    Thanks a lot for your beautiful ie4linux!

  5. evolutioncv says:

    Maybe i should have mentioned that i am using ubuntu 6.06… 🙂

  6. […] As stated below in the comments (thanks Roy!), the IEs4Linux developer has actully succeeded in running IE7 under Wine. Quoting the developer, it’s usage can be considered “pre-pre-alpha” so your results may not be too stable, but this is really good news for Linux Web designers/developers. […]

  7. fungi says:

    you champ! keep it up!

    if you ever come to sydney drop me a line and i will buy you 7 beers for your efforts 🙂

  8. Arv says:

    It works quite well but i can’t enter to secure page’s (pages with user and password, htaccess). I get message that this page doesnt exist.

  9. I can confirm the behaviour that evolutioncv described. (Using Debian Sid.)

  10. Ah and I forgot something:

    »5) Make ~/.ies4linux/ie6 simulate Windows XP instead of Windows 98«

    You should explain how to do this.

  11. suse101kde+compiz says:

    I would like to try IE7 and post my results, but would you please explain how to change to XP and make wine use ~/.ies4linux/drive_c ?

    2) Download IE7 RC1 for Windows XP ##from where exactly?

    3) Cabextract IE7.exe and copy the following dlls to ~/.ies4linux/ie6/drive_c/windows/system :
    wininet iertutil shlwapi urlmon jscript vbscript mshtml mshtmled mshtmler advpack inetcpl.cpl
    ## dont I also have to set them native?

    4) Also get normaliz.dll and inetcplc.dll from your Windows XP SP2 to that folder too
    ## or get them from dlldump.com
    5) Make ~/.ies4linux/ie6 simulate Windows XP instead of Windows 98
    ## this has to be explained more detailed!
    ## WINEPREFIX and winecfg etc..
    6) Run ie6 executable (that runs IE6 IEXPLORE.EXE)
    ## you mean standard ~/bin/ie6 ?

    7) Take screenshots 🙂 ## very important 😉

    ##by the way : could you please delete all those useless Spam posts in the English Forum. thx

  12. Aha, I see. That change to WinXP makes the whole viewport useable.

    But there seem to exist to problems: JavaScript (and so maybe JScript) doesn’t work, and you can’t use dropdown formular elements (). If you click on them, they don’t get expanded.

    And if I try to access the settings dialog, I only get a warning about consulting system administrator and such.

  13. Correction: JavaScript DOES work just fine.

  14. Andrei says:

    I can’t find normaliz.dll on both local version of XP SP2 and dlldump.com.

    Also I didn’t managed to get “Preferences” dialog. IE says: “this operation has been cancelled due to restrictions in effect on this computer. Please contact your sysadmin.”

    Thanks for the possibility to run IE on Linux!

  15. andrei says:

    I can’t find any normaliz.dll neither in working XP nor on http://www.dlldump.com/dll-files/N_4.html

    Also I can’t get “Preferences” dialog. IE says: “This operation has been cancelled due to restrictions in effect on this computer. Please contact your system administrator.”

    Intranet pages are also not accessible!..

  16. suse101+kde says:

    I´ve found normaliz.dll on dll-files.com .But I couldn´t find it in my fathers XP too!
    But I found netcplc on his Laptop.
    I´ve created a download with all DLLs that are mentioned on the Blog.It includes the Libraries that IE brings and inetcplc. The only DLL I´ve not put inside is normaliz.dll, cause I took it from dll-files.com

    mirror1: http://www.rogepost.com/dn/u4kj
    mirror2: http://www.webfile.ws/d/12258 #passwd: “WINE”
    normaliz: http://www.dll-files.com/dllindex/pop.php?normaliz

    Before I installed normaliz, IE didn´t want to open any page.
    However, all I get is IE6 without Internet Options!
    But this website tells me I am using IE7@XP:
    But this site also tells me, that I have Spyware installed.
    Screenshot: http://img291.imageshack.us/my.php?image=ie7wine0922shitim3.jpg

    I am using Wine-0.9.22.

  17. Dusty says:

    That is awesome. I now have IE7 up and running on Fedora Core 5. My only hangup with this was on step 4) Also get normaliz.dll and inetcplc.dll from your Windows XP SP2 to that folder too.
    I searched SP2 and a CD that had SP2 on it and couldn’t find these dll’s. I had to search for them on google, and then I was able to download them and put them in the system32 folder.

  18. suse101+kde says:

    What about somebody uploading all necessary files as .gz somewhere?

    @Dusty: Do you really have IE7 up?? I think you meaned IE6+IE7engine..
    Yes. I couldn´t find any normaliz on any XP-SP2 or whatever Windows. Is he tricking us?

    And I want to add, that IE down´t make it to render Frames with JavaScript on them(MouseOver)
    A website, which tests your Browser, and in case of IE also the installed AtiveX stuff.
    When I go with “IE7” to that site(security check ch) it tells me, that I have some 100 harmful AtiveX extensions installed.

  19. Tim says:

    looks like the old browser but seems to run the ie7 engine. Great work.
    I hope to hear more from hear.

    Stupid problem appeard. Internet Option can not be changed, answer, you don’t have the right, ask your admin. Any ideas how to change that ?????
    I am running it on ubuntu dapper …


  20. Max Hoffmann says:

    I followed your instructions and ran ie6. It shows a new looking icon in the window bar and window switcher but the main application stops loading after a while, only shows the title of the default website but no conent. The area remains white and the window does not respond anymore.

    Here is my errorlog: http://www.ubuntuusers.de/paste/4283/

    I hope this helps. I am running Ubuntu 6.06.

    Thanks in advance,
    Max Hoffmann.

  21. SleighBoy says:


    Gentoo AMD64 , Wine 0.9.22.

    Some images appear as all black (Google logo, php logo on phpinfo() ). And the About and prefs do not work.. but hey, IE7!

  22. Ian says:

    IE7 is out now.. the full release.. just wondering when the IES4Linux will work with the full version of IE7 ?



  23. andrei says:

    Still have no idea how to change internet connection options…

    Some screenshots:

    A site, which usually looks like this: http://www.isuct.ru/~tutukin/pic/screenshot.png IE6+7 shows like http://www.isuct.ru/~tutukin/pic/ie7.png

  24. dusoft says:


    thnks for your great IE4linux.

  25. Aleksey says:

    Awesome dude, it works well wnough to test most sites! ^_^
    One problem though, it doesn’t ignore the conditional comments for ie 6. There should be a fix in the registry for this, right?

  26. Kel says:

    This is an awesome piece of work!!

    Kinda sad IE7 doesn’t work on Win2k but runs on my Suse 10.1 machine (KDE/Xgl).

    Also, I downloaded the just released version of IE7 and installed over the top of my RC1 (following the directions on this page) and it’s still working fine although I wonder what changes they made to the final release so I can verify it’s really working.

  27. Aleksey says:

    Found it myself here: http://www.positioniseverything.net/articles/multiIE.html

    Now IE 6 & 7 act as they should. ^_^

  28. […] I am, that I am, will continue to use Firefox and keep a lookout for IE7 on Linux for testing. […]

  29. Leif says:

    Great work! The only thing that doesn’t work for me is gif images, they are all black. Has anyone else the same problem?

  30. TuxNoob says:

    It would be very usefull if you could make a small script that automates this

  31. Brandon Snider says:

    Leif, i have the same problem with gif images, which is kind of inconvenient, since most web graphics are gifs.

  32. rapsys says:

    Script for ie7 (enjoy) :

    # copy ie6 install in ie7
    cp -fr $HOME/.ies4linux/ie6 $HOME/.ies4linux/ie7
    cat $HOME/.ies4linux/bin/ie6 | sed ‘s/ie6/ie7/g’ > $HOME/.ies4linux/bin/ie7
    chmod 755 $HOME/.ies4linux/bin/ie7

    # make dir if not exists
    [ ! -d $HOME/.ies4linux/downloads ] && mkdir -p $HOME/.ies4linux/downloads
    mkdir -p $TMP/ie7_temp_file

    # download ie7
    if [ ! -f $HOME/.ies4linux/downloads/IE7-WindowsXP-X86-enu.exe ]; then
    wget http://download.microsoft.com/download/3/8/8/38889DC1-848C-4BF2-8335-86C573AD86D9/IE7-WindowsXP-X86-enu.exe -O $HOME/.ies4linux/downloads/IE7-WindowsXP-X86-enu.exe;

    # extract ie7
    cabextract -d$TMP/ie7_temp_file $HOME/.ies4linux/downloads/IE7-WindowsXP-X86-enu.exe

    # replace the old ie6 files
    for i in wininet iertutil shlwapi urlmon jscript vbscript mshtml mshtmled mshtmler advpack; do
    chmod u+x $i.dll
    cp -f $TMP/ie7_temp_file/$i.dll $HOME/.ies4linux/ie7/drive_c/windows/system/$i.dll
    chmod u+x $TMP/ie7_temp_file/inetcpl.cpl
    cp -f $TMP/ie7_temp_file/inetcpl.cpl $HOME/.ies4linux/ie7/drive_c/windows/system/inetcpl.cpl

    # get the windows sp2 needed dlls
    if [ ! -f $HOME/.ies4linux/downloads/normaliz.zip ]; then
    wget http://www.down-dll.com/dll/normaliz.zip -O $HOME/.ies4linux/downloads/normaliz.zip;
    unzip -d $TMP/ie7_temp_file $HOME/.ies4linux/downloads/normaliz.zip
    cp -f $TMP/ie7_temp_file/normaliz.dll $HOME/.ies4linux/ie7/drive_c/windows/system/normaliz.dll

    # url don’t works with wget some fucking script verification :'(
    #wget ‘http://www.dlldump.com/cgi-bin/testwrap/downloadcounts.cgi?rt=count&path=dllfiles/I/inetcplc.dll’ -O $HOME/.ies4linux/ie7/drive_c/windows/system/inetcplc.dll
    # this url should be working soon
    if [ ! -f $HOME/.ies4linux/downloads/inetcplc.zip ]; then
    wget http://www.down-dll.com/dll/inetcplc.zip -O $HOME/.ies4linux/downloads/inetcplc.zip;
    unzip -d $TMP/ie7_temp_file $HOME/.ies4linux/downloads/inetcplc.zip
    cp -f $TMP/ie7_temp_file/inetcplc.dll $HOME/.ies4linux/ie7/drive_c/windows/system/inetcplc.dll

    # clean dir
    if [ “$TMP/ie7_temp_file” != ‘/’ ]; then
    rm -fr $TMP/ie7_temp_file;

  33. Well here’s a nice damper for IE7…look at these websites: http://www.msie7.com and http://www.microsoftie7.com and http://www.microsoftinternetexplorer7.com 😛 😀

  34. upgradeToIe7 says:

    cd ~
    mkdir .ies4linux/downloads/ie7
    cd .ies4linux/downloads/ie7
    wget http://download.microsoft.com/download/3/8/8/38889DC1-848C-4BF2-8335-86C573AD86D9/IE7-WindowsXP-x86-enu.exe
    cabextract IE7-WindowsXP-x86-enu.exe
    cp wininet.dll iertutil.dll shlwapi.dll urlmon.dll jscript.dll vbscript.dll mshtml.dll mshtmled.dll mshtmler.dll advpack.dll inetcpl.cpl ~/.ies4linux/ie6/drive_c/windows/system
    wget –referer “http://techtics.iblogzz.com/” –user-agent “Mozilla/5.0 (compatible; Konqueror/3.5; Linux) KHTML/3.5.2 (like Gecko) Kubuntu 6.06 Dapper” http://pcrelaxt.nl.eu.org/downloads/normaliz.dll
    cp normaliz.dll ~/.ies4linux/ie6/drive_c/windows/system
    WINEPREFIX=~/.ies4linux/ie6 winecfg
    #rm -rf ~/.ies4linux/downloads/ie7

  35. mirya says:

    May anyone here provide me a log of what’s being output by wine on IE7 startup (e.g. run it from console and redirect the output somewhere)? I’m trying to get it run on FreeBSD (anyone here seems to use Linux), seems like it needs some more steps (see this: http://www.tatanka.com.br/ies4linux/forum/viewtopic.php?p=1174).

  36. andrei says:

    You can get my logs here: http://www.isuct.ru/~tutukin/files/ie7.log.bz2
    uname -a: Linux kropotkin 2.6.16-2-686 etc.

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  38. Cillian says:

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