IEs 4 Linux 2.0 beta6

Here it is: IEs4Linux 2.0 beta6.

It has some bug fixes but also some core changes. I need your help testing this. It seems to work here with Ubuntu Dapper and Wine 0.9.13. But maybe Flash and some updated willnot work for you (please tell me if it happens). If you have problems, you can get beta5 here.


  • New translations: Japanese, Danish
  • Fixed support for locales that use @euro (thanks to Jean-Michel PHILIPPE)
  • Fixed (?) “new window” bug on Fedora 5
  • Minor changes to improve FreeBSD compatibility (thanks to Tobias Roth)
  • Smarter inf processing (thanks to Pavel Roskin)
  • Some code cleanup and other minor improvements

And sorry for disappearing last days… I had many things to do here. Well, today I made beta6, answered emails and most of forum posts…

Finally, I would like to thank people that is making donations (only 2 yet…but it is a start :-). I will write something soon about donations and how this project is developed… For now, thanks.

3 Responses to “IEs 4 Linux 2.0 beta6”

  1. Carlos Mafla says:


    Awesome , in just a few seconds i got ie up and running ,

    Thanks a lot

    Keep up the good work

  2. Stellaris says:


    the script can’t seem to extract the .cabs, even though I’ve got cabextract on Dapper installed OK. The script throws the line “Error” and exits so I’m only guessing here, really.

    I have this problem with 2.0 b5 and b6. Need more info?



  3. Mihai Manuta says:

    After trying the winetools unsuccesfully, I found your installer. It worked great on my FC5 box. Now I have all versions of IE I need. No need to worry about vmware :). Thank you!!